08 May 2023

NYARENG, Halal Bihalal and Grand Reunion of KAFEB UNS With More Than 1000 Alumni

Faculty of Economics and Business Alumni Association (KAFEB) Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) hosted a Halal bi halal and Grand Reunion entitled ‘NYARENG (Nyangkruk Ngguyu Bareng)’ on Saturday 6 May 2023 at Plataran Kinandari South Jakarta.

NYARENG KAFEB UNSThe agenda was attended by more than 1,000 FEB UNS Alumni from various generations. Although conducted in Jakarta, the event managed to garner high enthusiasm, proven with attendees from more than 100 cities/municipalities across Indonesia. The Dean of FEB UNS, Prof. Dr. Djoko Suhardjanto, M.Com (Hons). Ak., revealed that he highly appreciated the grand agenda.

“I appreciate the effort of the organizing committee, especially the Chairman of KAFEB UNS, who managed to invite participants from all 46 FEB UNS alumni batches. This is an impressive feat. Hopefully, next time we can create a room where we can account for the alumni’s contribution to the institution—FEB UNS, UNS, the nation, and the country,” he states.NYARENG (Nyangkruk Ngguyu Bareng)

The Chairman of KAFEB UNS, Doni Primanto Joewono, FEB Alumni of 1983, who currently is the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Indonesia, reveals that the main objective of this ‘Nyareng‘ agenda is to strengthen the network between FEB UNS Alumni across generations, and as medium of communication between alumni and FEB UNS.

He further emphasized that KAFEB UNS is a professional, academic, and social organization, instead of political one. The objective of the KAFEB UNS is to prepare an intellectual, productive, and competitive graduates who are willing to serve the community, following Indonesian culture and noble character through the Higher Education Tri Dharma. The objective is therefore exclusively to prepare professional alumni and to support them in entering the job market.

NYARENG KAFEB UNS 2023The Chairman of KAFEB UNS also thanks the Dean of FEB UNS for approving the wishes proposed by KAFEB to establish a Coding and Bigdata Laboratory in FEB UNS and to establish Digital Business Study Program as wished by Prof. Wimboh Santoso.

“It is one of the wishes of Prof. Wimboh to have a new study program in Digital Business at FEB UNS. Alhamdulillah, this wish has been accomplished. Additionally, students need a laboratory in coding and big data in this digital economy world. Thank you to the Dean of FEB UNS, for listening and making our wishes come true,” said Doni.

KAFEB UNS also has established several programs to establish a synergy with the university (UNS), among others are, Alumni Tracer through an up-to-date database, ‘Alumni Menginspirasi‘ (Inspiring Alumni) program applied through teaching or other academics activity, networking and connecting through job fair, internship, volunteering, and charity, which often conducted through a scholarship for outstanding FEB UNS students who face economy constraint.Talkshow NYARENG KAFEB

The wish of the senior alumni to the younger generation is to set up an endowment fund under a mentoring from senior colleagues. “On this occasion, let us together establish an endowment fund for our campus. Even though we are now alumni, our contribution to the alma mater and nations shall not stop,” Doni concluded.

Also attending the event was UNS Vice-Rector for Planning, Partnership, Business, and Information, Prof. Irwan Trinugroho, M.Sc, Ph.D. NYARENG is enlivened with several events such as a talkshow on MSME Transformation, a sharing session for alumni, a karaoke competition, an MSME food street festival, and concluded with a special performance by Reza Arthamevia.