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Digital Business Study Program (Undergraduate Program) FEB UNS focused on governance implementation in business and data analytics for the strategic business decision-making process in the governmental or commercial sector. Responding to the scarcity of Digital Business Study Programs in Indonesia, this Program will contribute to the development of science and technology, especially in digital finance, digital marketing, and digital governance. Furthermore, the field of digital finance and digital marketing study has not been widely provided (offered) by universities in Indonesia, either through Diploma, Undergraduate, or Postgraduate degrees. The Program is focused on not only digital business management but also financial technology, which currently develop rapidly.

The Digital Business program is not only focused on hard-skill but also on students’ soft-skill as a manager in public sectors, government agencies, and entrepreneurs. These soft skills in digital business governance including Digital Strategy (organizational approach to take advantage of the internet and world wide web technology by considering two aspects: the guiding principle and performance goals), Digital Policy (digital policy as the foundation of online service), and Digital standard (digital standards that ensure optimum digital quality and effectiveness, such as information advancement, strategy, and practical specification of information provided).

Currently, there is a significant market potential in digital business, uncountable opportunities, yet there is only a limited skilled workforce available for the sector. Considering this opportunity, the Study Program will prepare students with commendable digital skills.


The Digital Business Study Program FEB UNS, through the Center for Fintech and Banking, explores further collaboration opportunities with numerous institutions from the industrial sector (Indonesian Joint Funding Fintech Association, Indonesian Fintech Association, and Indonesian Entrepreneurs Association), regulator (Financial Services Authority and Deposit Insurance Corporation), and academic institutions (Bangor University UK, Universitas Putera Malaysia, Universita Roma Tre Italy, and Global Fintech Institute), to develop science, education quality, and alumni competency. Through the pentahelix collaboration, the study program will involve the industrial sector, government, society, community, and academic members, which is expected to improve graduates’ quality and prepare graduates to be adaptable to industrial needs and technology advancement.



Curriculum Structure (Compulsory Courses)
Semester Course Name Credit/Semester (SKS)
Theory Practice
I 1 Indonesian Language 2 0
2 Introduction to Microeconomics 3 0
3 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3 0
4 Business Mathematics and Statistics 3 0
5 Introduction to Accounting 3 0
6 Digital Business 3 0
7 Introduction to Management 3 0
Total Semester I 20 0
II 1 Religion Education 2 0
2 English 3 0
3 Data and Communication Network 3 0
4 Principle of Marketing 3 0
5 Foundation of Banking 3 0
6 Basic Informatics and Computers 3 0
7 Corporate Finance 3 0
Total Semester II 20 0
III 1 Personal Financial Planning 3 0
2 System Analysis and Design 3 0
3 Sharia Banking 3 0
4 Digital Ethics 3 0
5 Digital Banking and Fintech 3 0
6 Social Media and Visualization 3 0
7 Introduction to Business Law 3 0
8 Elective Course 1 3 0
Total Semester III 24 0
IV 1 e-Governance Principles and Models 3 0
2 Basic Programming 2 1
3 Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and its application 3 0
4 Machine Learning and Applied Artificial Intelligence 3 0
5 Basics of Information Systems 3 0
6 Management Information System 3 0
7 Consumers Behavior 3 0
8 Elective Course 2 3 0
Total Semester IV 23 1
V 1 Electronic Commerce (e-commerce) 3 0
2 MSME and Start-Up Business 3 0
3 Database System 3 0
4 Network and Business Data Security 3 0
5 Business Feasibility Study 2 1
6 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 1 1
7 Concentration Elective Course 1 3 0
8 Concentration Elective Course 2 3 0
Total Semester V 23 0
VI 1 Applied Econometrics or Applied Multivariate Analysis 3 0
2 Case Study: Digital Business 3 0
3 Design Thinking: Decision Making Theory 3 0
4 Web and Business Application Development Practice 0 1
5 Internship 0 2
6 Business Research Method 3 0
7 Proposal Seminar for Final Project (Empirical Research/Application Design/Case Study) 3 0
8 Digital Business Practice 0 1
Total Semester VI 15 4
VII 1 Pancasila 2 0
2 Civic Education 2 0
3 Indonesia Economy 3 0
4 Student Community Service Program 0 2
5 Final Project (Empirical Research /Application Design/Case Study) 6 0
Total Semester VII 13 2
  Total SKS 145


Curriculum Structure (Elective Courses)
Semester Course Name Credit/Semester (SKS)
Theory Practice
III General Elective
1 Human Resource Management &
Work Team
3 0
2 Operation Management 3 0
3 Business Communication 3 0
IV General Elective
1 Strategic Management 2 0
2 Micro Finance 3 0
3 Academic writing 1 1
4 Writing business report 1 1
V Concentration Elective Course: Digital Marketing
1 Digital Marketing Strategy 3 0
2 Digital Marketing Communication 3 0
3 Digital Consumers’ Behavior 3 0
4 Marketing Analytics 3 0
V Concentration Elective Course: Digital Finance
1 Sharia Fintech 3 0
2 Crowdfunding & Fintech Ecosystem 3 0
3 Fintech Valuation 2 1
4 Fixed Income & Derivative 3 0
V Concentration Elective Course: Digital Governance
1 Administration and Public Policy 3 0
2 e-Governance 3 0
3 e-Government 3 0
4 e-Budgeting 3 0
5 e-Supply Chain 2 1


Digital Business Study Program is adaptive to the MBKM Program by Kemdikbud. The basis of MBKM program implementation will follow the application of the previous collaboration and partnership established by FEB UNS, Center for Fintech and Banking, Professional Association (AFPI, AFTECH, GFI), Policymakers and Regulators (OJK, BI, LPS), international university partners under the ERASMUS+ OPTBANK (University of Limoges, Bangor University, Technical University of Crete, dan University Rome III), and other international university partners (University of Loughborough, Hamad bin Khalifa University, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Curtin University).

Some of the technical implementations of MBKM in the Digital Business Study Program are, as follows:

  1. Student exchange: With the availability of MoU-based partnerships, the students of the Digital Business Study Program can experience new opportunities to participate in the teaching and learning process at a partner university, which will then receive a total of 20 credit points in their transcript. Students who wish not to go to a faraway university can choose UPM as one of the interesting options. Currently, UPM is ranked 4th in Malaysia and one of the top 100 universities worldwide (by subject) based on QS ranking. UPM is also AACSB accredited, one of the prestigious accreditation institutions in economics and business study. Student funding for the exchange program is facilitated by UNS for outstanding students through UNS Creative Leap Funding Program and Digital Business Study Program funding. On the other hand, if students wish and are capable enough to apply for study exchange at European or Australian universities, the Study Program also establishes a partnership with universities from the region, such as Bangor University (UK) or Curtin University (Australia).
  2. Internship: FEB UNS establishes MoU with OJK, BI, and LPS, proven through numerous research collaborations. In the last two years, FEB UNS, through the Center for Fintech and Banking, establish five research collaborations with the three institutions. Therefore, opportunities for six-month internships are available for the students of Digital Business at the three institutions.
  3. Research: FEB UNS is one of the leading faculties in economics and business in Indonesia, with extensive publication in a reputable international journal. Permanent lecturers in the Digital Business are mostly graduates from prominent international universities with substantial experience in research article publication, not only at reputable international journals but also at journals from major publishers such as Elsevier, Taylor-Francis, Springer, World Scientific, etc. Therefore, MBKM Research Project Program will be one of the excellences of the Digital Business Study Program. Moreover, recent research grants hosted by OJK, BI, LPS, Kemenkeu, and other governmental agencies usually take on Digital Business topics and Digital Finance, whose development is of concern to the government.
  4. Entrepreneurship: Becoming a digital entrepreneur is one of the graduate profiles from the Digital Business Study Program. Therefore, the Study Program provided not only theoretical and applicable learning on digital entrepreneurship. The Digital Business Study Program also organized actual activities to hone students’ digital entrepreneurial skills. For example, in 2021, FEB UNS, in collaboration with the Center for Fintech and Banking, hosted UNS Digital Innovation Challenge as part of a competitive arena for students who have start-up application ideas to gain funding from the Study Program or UNS. Moreover, UNS, under the new directorate, the Directorate of Research and Innovation, is the incubator for digital innovation start-up ideas from UNS students. One of the programs initiated by the Directorate of Research and Innovation in 2021 is SEMESTA (Sebelas Maret Start-up Academy), with a total incubation funding of up to 2 billion for pre-start-up in UNS. The Digital Business Study Program provides funding and/or motivates students to participate actively in competitive activities.

The alumni of the Study Program are prepared to work in technology and information-based start-up business, the financial and banking industry, and developing industries in line with the technology development. Furthermore, alumni will obtain professional competency that will face an increase in employment demand for the next five years, according to the Future of Job Report 2020 by the World Economic Forum. The professions are, among others:





Digital Business Analyst This profession is tasked to evaluate and study web traffic information in a company to deliver a recommendation to the company managers in improving business operations by providing information, service, and digital product development.


Business development professionals This profession is responsible for identifying opportunities for business growth and optimizing companies’ marketing strategy through business process and financial analysis, business plan implementation, and establishing an effective company network.


Digital Strategy and E-commerce Director This profession establishes collaboration with various teams across functions in the whole company, managing all aspects of e-commerce business, including strategy and content development, web design, business, planning, web analysis, and technology advancement.


Research & development This profession works in a department or unit in a company to take on research and development activities, which focus on the future and long-term condition, both in theoretical or applied research in the digital technology field.


Digital marketing specialist This profession collaborates with the marketing team to develop companies’ business growth by identifying a market target, establishing brand image, and creating and managing marketing campaigns through digital technology and internet-based marketing.


Business Consultant This profession works for individual workers or for company consultants, which identify problems, provide a solution, and conduct business planning related with strategic and client-related operational problems.


Digital Marketing Consultant This profession works for individual workers or for company consultants, which identify problems, provide a solution, and conduct business planning related to strategic and client-related operational problems.


Digital Sales Manager This profession is responsible for developing, applying, and managing sales, products, and/or services, improving brand awareness in both digital aspects and obtaining prospective customers.


Digital Media Director This profession is responsible for monitoring a company’s digital media activity, including website and social media platform, such as creating content and establishing and managing a company’s social media profile for company business interests.


Digital Entrepreneur This profession creates new business opportunities through creative and innovative ideas based on data or digital information, along with the required technology development to achieve profit and business development.

The Digital Business Study Program establishes partnerships with international higher education institutions (Bangor University, University Putra Malaysia, Universita Roma Tre) to open up opportunities for students of the Digital Business Study Program, to obtain double-degree and student exchange. These excellences are strengthened by synchronizing students’ knowledge with Chartered Fintech Professional (CFtP) certification that will be included as part of their study completion. This professional certification will ensure graduates’ capability in digital business and fintech, which will enhance their competitiveness in the job market and shorten the waiting time after graduation to find a job.





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