The living cost during college at UNS is quite affordable. Normally the expenditure for student living costs is around IDR 600,000 – 700,000 / month. You can get delicious food such as soup, pecel, nasi rames, nasi uduk, and others with only IDR 5,000.

For the cost of dormitory, the price is quite varied from IDR 150,000 / month. While the cost of studio apartment or roomstay, ranges from IDR 1,500,000 / year with various supporting facilities. This price are highly diverse due to the boarding facilities provided, for example: bathroom, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi. The highly occupied area with students’ housing are Surya, Kabut, Ngoresan, and Gulon. You only need to take a short walk, motorcycle taxi, or take a bus from campus to the students housing.

In addition, our campus is located not far from the Surakarta city government center, which will also facilitate the students to reach various service centers such as immigration offices, hospitals, and so on.

As one of the popular culinary destinations in Indonesia, Solo offers various type of food that is available around the campus. The average price for each meal is around IDR 5,000 – 15,000. You can get a portion of Soto (soup dish) or rice with vegetables and eggs for around IDR 5,000 – 7,500. Meanwhile, some meat, chicken or fish costs around IDR 10,000 – 15,000. There are also several cafes around the campus area which have various menus – Indonesian and Western food. Prices vary between cafes, starting from IDR 15,000 – 30,000.

There are various ways of transportation available to take you to places in Solo. You can choose a motorcycle taxi, campus bus, or by just walk, because there are comfortable sidewalks in all areas of the campus. The price of taking a motorcycle taxi starts from IDR 5,000 depending on the distance that you will reach. Meanwhile, if you take a campus bus, you can only pay money voluntarily, but usually students pay IDR 1,000 or 2,000. If you intend to stay around the city center, away from campus, the Batik Solo Trans bus will always be ready to take you to campus. You only need to take one bus to get to campus. For those of you who are in a hurry and need instant and fast transportation modes, you can download the Go-jek application. Go-jek fares may start from IDR 4,000 / km, and can cover up to 25 km.

Studying in Solo is not enough if you only enjoy campus academic activities. You have to also enjoy tours around this city. Not only the nuances of art and culture are fun, but also the discussions held in them. Also, feel again the journey to the past with Solo culinary that is timeless and historical journey.


  1. Educational, Art and Culture Tourism

Solo is famous for its culture and art. You can spend time and enjoy puppet shows, traditional dances, contemporary arts, crafts of kris, shadow puppets and gamelan, as well as discussions about literature, poetry, humanitarian themes in this city. To enjoy it all you can go to:

  • Balai Soedjatmoko
  • Pasar Barang Antik Triwindu
  • Sanggar Gamelan
  • Sanggar Kerajinan Keris
  • Sanggar Wayang Kulit Bale Agung
  • Taman Balekambang
  • Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah
  • Taman Satwa Taru Jurug
  • Wayang Orang Sriwedari
  1. Historical Tourism

A trip will not be complete without knowing the history of the city. The city of Solo has been around for a long time since the XVI century. Enjoy a trip to the past at:

  • Alun-alun Utara
  • Alun-alun Kidul
  • Benteng Vastenberg
  • Kraton Kasunanan
  • Monumen Pers Solo
  • Museum Radya Pustaka
  • Pura Mangkunegaran
  1. Culinary Tourism

The journey of your life in Solo is not perfect without enjoying unique and interesting culinary collections. Feel delicious food that is timeless in this city. You can try:

  • Bakmi Toprak Solo
  • Cabuk Rambak
  • Dawet Ayu Pasar Gede
  • Gempol Pleret
  • Gudeg Ceker
  • Intip
  • Nasi Liwet
  • Pecel Ndeso
  • Rambak petis
  • Roti Kecik
  • Roti Mandarin
  • Sambel Tumpang
  • Sate Buntel
  • Sate Kere
  • Selat Segar Solo
  • Serabi Solo
  • Soto Gading
  • Soto Triwindu
  • Susu Segar
  • Tahok
  • Tahu Kupat
  • Tengkleng
  • Timlo Solo
  • Wedang Dongo
  • Wedangan
  1. Shopping Tourism

You are not yet to Solo if you haven’t spent your money to collect various types of clothing with typical Javanese motifs, merchandise, and various other handicraft products. Get other special crafts at:

  • Kampung Batik Kauman
  • Kampung Batik Laweyan
  • Ndalem Tjokrosoemartan
  • Museum Batik Kuno Danar Hadi
  • Museum Batik Wuryaningratan
  • Saturday Night Market Ngarsopuro
  • Pasar Burung Depok
  • Pasar Klewer
  • Pasar Gede
  • Java Craft

Solo is located in the center of Javanese culture in Central Java. Living in Solo can be an opportunity to be able to witness the historical heritage and culture of the famous heritage city. The traditional way of life is closely interwoven with urban styles that are coloring the atmosphere of life in Solo. Completed city facilities do not eliminate the old local identity of Javanese tones in every beat of the daily activities of the city. Here are some festivals that you can enjoy to experience Solo culture:

Karnaval Batik Solo

Solo Batik Carnival is a carnival featuring a batik parade. Batik is a traditional Indonesian fabric that represents national identity for the wider community. This carnival is held every year by the Solo government. This event challenged participants to design and make unique costumes made of batik. The main event presents a model parade in batik costumes that starts on Jalan Slamet Riyadi to City Hall. You can stand in a line along the route to see the parade and capture the moment

Solo Batik Carnival

Kirab Malam 1 Suro

Kirab Malam 1 Suro is a ceremony held to celebrate the Javanese calendar New Year. This ceremony takes place at the Royal Palace of Surakarta (Kraton) and Pura Mangkunegaran. The ceremony included washing holy heirlooms, and the holy heirlooms paraded along with the holy albino buffalo called Kyai Slamet. You can experience the extraordinary atmosphere of Javanese culture during the event

Grebeg Sudiro

Solo has a significant Chinese population. Therefore, Chinese New Year (Imlek) is one of the biggest celebrations in Solo. Grebeg Sudiro is held every year to celebrate. This festival takes place around Pasar Gede, also known as Solo Chinatown. You can enjoy Chinese cultural performances every year during this festival

grebeg sudiro
Solo Jenang Festival

Festival Jenang Solo

Jenang is a traditional sticky porridge commonly consumed by Indonesians. More than 17,000 servings of various types of Jenang are provided at the Solo Jenang Festival. An annual event is held to celebrate Solo’s birthday. You must visit Ngarsopuro to taste the taste of Jenang


Sekaten is a traditional Javanese ceremony for a week to commemorate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. The ceremony was initiated by the founder of Hamengkubuwana, Raden Mas Sujana (Hamengkubuwono I), to promote Islamic faith to people. Annual ceremonies are held in Yogyakarta and Solo. During the ceremony, the holy Gamelan instruments named Kyai Nogo Wilogo and Kyai Guntur Madu are played every day, traditional songs are sung in Tumplak Wajik, and Gunungan is carried by the royal guard in a parade called Grebeg Muludan. Gunungan is a type of mountain formed from sticky rice, sweets, fruits, and vegetables. After the parade, the gunungan is appointed, contested, and torn apart by people who were waiting in the square. It is believed that the objects that make up the mountain are holy, strong, and bring good luck