07 Jan 2022

FEB UNS Welcomes a Visit from Al Azhar 8 Islamic High School Bekasi

The Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Sebelas Maret (FEB UNS) welcomes a visit from Al-Azhar 8 Bekasi Islamic High School in the Teleconference Room FEB UNS, Friday 7 January 2022.

Sulardiyono, M.M., Deputy Principal of SMA Islam Al-Azhar 8 Bekasi

In his remarks, Sulardiyono, S.Pd., MM., the Vice-Principal of SMA Islam Al-Azhar 8, on behalf of the school leadership, conveyed his respectful greetings and expressing his gratitude to the Dean of FEB UNS and the faculty staff for the opportunity given to SMA Al-Azhar 8 to visit FEB UNS. He hopes this visit will be of particular benefit to students. Further, he states that particular points are to be learned during this visit to FEB UNS, such as information on FEB UNS excellences, graduate profiles, and career opportunities, especially alumni’s success stories. Additionally, the visit aims to get information regarding the admission channel, scholarships offered in the faculty, and the implementation of the Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM).

Prof. Izza delivering welcome remarks

Following Mr. Sulardiyono remark, the Vice Dean of Academic, Research, and Student Affairs FEB UNS, Prof. Dr. Izza Mafruhah, SE, M.Si., at the beginning of her virtual speech representing the Dean, welcoming Al-Azhar 8 Islamic High School’s leaders, teachers, and students through Zoom Cloud Meeting. Further, Prof. Izza introduced the FEB UNS leadership position and the faculty profile, including explanations related to study programs (prodi), human resources, collaboration, graduate profiles, student organizations, and the MBKM program.

Information Dissemination by Yaman Umaran, S.Si

In front of more than 200 Al-Azhar 8 Islamic High School students who attended the visit virtually, Prof. Izza also conveyed a trick to achieve students’ target, namely SMART. This SMART method is not only meant smart in a literal way, but also stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Bounded. “To achieve a target, we must be specific in determining the study program we are going to. We must also be able to measure our own abilities, measurable. Achievable refers to setting an achievable target, do not dream too high. Your target must be reasonable considering your ability. Realistic means that the target we set must be adjusted to the provisions we have. Lastly, a target must be time-bounded, referring to a specific time period. When we have about 3 or 4 months left to compete in a university admission selection, we have to increase our study time and reduce playtime. With SMART’s, we will be able to determine what targets to achieve,” she explained.

Group Photo After the Event

Meanwhile, Yaman Umaran, S.Si., from UPT SPMB UNS, detailed the stages of choosing the right State Universities (PTN), admission channels, opportunities, and strategies for the PTN admission test. Briefly, Yaman conveyed three strategies that students must prepare to get enrolled in PTN, namely, determining the field of study they are interested in, choosing a reputable university that supports success, and preparing themselves seriously in participating in the selection to enter PTN. (Humas FEB UNS)