06 Mar 2023

UNS Inclusion Metric Assessor Visits FEB

The team of UNS Inclusion Metric consisted of Dr. Herry Widyastono, M.Pd., Dr. Tri Rejeki Andayani, S.Psi., M.Si., Dewi, and Sri Rejeki, S.Pd., M.Pd., conducted a site visit to the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS), Monday 6 March 2023.

The Vice-Dean for Human Resources, Finance, and Logistics FEB UNS, Dr. Djuminah, delivered her remarks

The team was welcomed by the leadership ranks of FEB UNS in the First Assembly Room, Soeharno TS Building FEB UNS, to assess the UNS Inclusion Metric Self-Evaluation Report that was previously submitted by FEB UNS.

Certain aspects to be confirmed from the report are learning standards, psychological support standards, infrastructure standards, and graduate standards for diffability students.

UNS Inclusion Metric Assessor Team

The UNS Inclusion Metric Assessor Team

The UNS Inclusion Metric Challenge was initiated by the Center for Diffability Study (PSD), Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM), as part of the 47th UNS Anniversary Celebration. This challenge is followed by Faculties in UNS.

The Vice-Dean for Human Resources, Finance, and Logistics FEB UNS, Dr. Djuminah, welcomed the visit of the three UNS Inclusion Metric assessors warmly. It was reported that currently, FEB has had disability-friendly facilities for diffable communities such as a parking lot, ramp, and special restroom. However, there was still room for improvement.

“We still have the power and passion to try our best in improving service, especially for the diffable community, renovation is on the way, we can check for it later,” she explains.

The Vice-Dean for Academic, Research, and Student Affairs FEB UNS, Prof Izza Mafruhah added that this year the faculty leader has delegated three Sign Language Spokespersons to support the learning process for deaf and speech-impaired students. Moreover, the lecturers can provide the necessary support for the diffable student.

Starting the opening remarks, Dr. Tri Rejeki Handayani thanked the FEB UNS leader and FEB UNS Inclusion Metric Team, for the warm welcome.

assessment of UNS Inclusion Metric by Assessor Team

“Together we are improving our campus to establish an inclusive campus, a campus that provides favorable facilities that are accessible by all UNS academic communities including the diffable students,” she explains.

Further, this championship will be an annual event during the UNS Anniversary celebration.

This site visit will be crucial to validate the data reported by the faculty. There may be additional data or information uncovered during the visit.

disability facilities assessment for UNS Inclusion Metric

Based on the data submitted to the PSD assessor, currently, there are three students with diffability in FEB UNS. The assessors need to validate the data and assess how much the faculty provide assistance for students with diffability and provide supporting infrastructure to make the academic community members more comfortable in carrying out learning activities in the campus environment.

As for psychological support standards, the assessment indicators are the availability of higher education policy documents regarding the provision of psychological and social services, special counseling services and motivational enhancement training, scholarship, health service, and a special budget for assistance for students with diffabilities.

assessment of FEB UNS disability facility by UNS Inclusion Metric assessors

Meanwhile, for physical infrastructure, the assessment indicators are pedestrian availability all around the campus, guiding path for each faculty or room, signs and markings, as well as transportation facilities and special parking areas for persons with diffabilities.

Moreover, the availability of ramps for the diffable community to go up to the 2nd floor in a 2-story building, lift for buildings with more than three floors with suitable dimensions, and space for a wheelchair. Braille label in every facility. Availability of special restrooms and seating for the diffable community in each and every faculty facility.

After validating the data reported, the assessor team checked the infrastructure in FEB UNS directly, such as the ramp, special restroom, and diffable parking lot at Soeharno Building and Masjid Al-Latief.