05 Mar 2022

Reunion Meeting with FEB UNS Seniors Academic Members

The Internal Service and Dharma Wanita Persatuan of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UNS, led by Dr. Atmaji, M.M., as Chairman of the Committee, hosted Reunion Meeting with the FEB UNS Senior Academic Members at Pendopo Aula Suhardi, which is also known as Aula Gedung 3 FEB UNS.  A number of FEB UNS seniors were present including Tjilik Suwito, Soetantyo, Sri Suwarsi, GAA Susilowati, Darustam, and Mahastuti Agung. The event is packed in a relaxed, joyful, intimate atmosphere that recalls numerous experiences during the FEB UNS establishment, along with a variety of sad stories.

Prof. Drs. Djoko Suhardjanto, M.Com, Ph.D., Ak., as Dean of FEB UNS in his remarks, said that events like this are significant. This meeting between seniors and juniors academic members allows the attending participants to find out and understand how FEB UNS was established. He also sent a message to the attending academic members to always live in harmony and tranquility within the faculty and university environment. This activity is also expected to be organized as a regular agenda.

The Dean of FEB UNS Delivering Welcome Remarks

Prof. Djoko Suhardjanto also expressed his gratitude to the seniors who had provided a strong foundation that allowed FEB UNS to have such achievements today. “Thank you to Mr./Mrs. Senior who has laid the foundation for the establishment of FEB. Without you, ladies and gentlemen, FEB UNS wouldn’t have been able to do this. And for juniors, don’t forget history. From the seniors, we can find out the historical facts of how FEB UNS was established with all its struggles. And this must be understood by all of us,” he stressed.

At the event, the Dean of FEB UNS also conveyed various achievements that FEB UNS has achieved to date. Since October 6, 2020, UNS has officially been a Legal Entity State University (PTNBH), based on Presidential Regulation No. 56 of 2020 concerning UNS PTNBH. With that status, the objective to be a top 500 campus globally will be more and more likely to achieve.

FEB UNS itself is ranked +600 based on World Univerity Ranking (WUR). This faculty had conducted International Class Program for the Undergraduate Program in Accounting and Undergraduate Program in Development Economics. Another achievement was successfully obtaining the Kedaireka Matching Fund entitled “Educamp Wisata Preneur.” One of FEB UNS study programs, the Undergraduate in Economic Development Study Program, successfully established a cooperation program with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). In addition, the Undergraduate in Management Study Program won the Independent Campus Competition Program Grant.

As for the upcoming plan in 2022, FEB UNS will establish a Bachelor in Digital Business Study Program and open an International class for the Bachelor in Management Study Program. FEB UNS is also trying to accelerate the Associate Professor and Professor inauguration. Such efforts aim to encourage further attempts to establish FEB UNS as a more advanced faculty and create many excellent professors to strengthen the faculty rankings nationally and internationally.

Meanwhile, Dr. Atmaji, M.M., in his activity report, reported that the 2022 Reunion Meeting with FEB UNS Senior academic members was the third agenda. Previously, the team paid a friendly visit to the family home of the FEB UNS founder on Wednesday (2/23/2022) and a tomb pilgrimage on Friday (3/4/2022). The events organized were hosted in cooperation with the FEB UNS alumni.

FEB UNS also presented a special gift by capturing the names of the faculty founders as the name of the Faculty building. This decision will create a FEB UNS that will never forget the Faculty founding fathers’ history and their important roles. The five names include Soeharno T.S. for Building I, Djarwanto P.S. for Building II, Suhardi for Building III, Bachtiar Effendi for Building IV, and Soedarah Soepono for Building V FEB UNS.

“The naming of the building has been officially stated in the UNS Rector Decree No 12/UN27/HK/2022 dated January 4, 2022, concerning the Naming of the Building in the Universitas Sebelas Maret Environment in 2022,” Atmaji explained.