31 Oct 2022

Inviting Prof. Clotilde Coron, Management Study Program Discuss Organizational Theory

The Visiting Professor Series of the Kompetisi Kampus Merdeka Program (PKKM) 2022, hosted by the Management Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta, goes on. In their recent agenda, the Management Study Program invited Prof. Clotilde Coron, from Sorbonne Business School, France, to a Guest Lecture Management: Organizational Theories and Flexibility Organizational Design. The event was conducted virtually through the Zoom Cloud Meeting and was attended by 270 participants.

Guest Lecture Participants

Starting the discussion of organizational theory, Prof. Coron explains the definition of organization and organizational theory. In general, she explained that an organization is a group of individuals with the objective of accomplishing a specified goal. However, in real life, there must be challenges faced by an organization to achieve its goal. These problems are usually related to the alignment between the individual and organization’s objective, distribution of duties, and control process. “Therefore, in an organization, it is crucial to ensure that all members have a similar objective to the organization’s goal. Hence, an organization must ensure that the collaborative objective within the organization can be internalized as members’ objective,” explains Prof. Coron.

Prof. Clotilde Coron, from Sorbonne Business School, France

Meanwhile, regarding organizational theory, Prof. Coron explained various commonly-used theories to understand an organization. Further, she explained the classical theories, human relations, contingency theories, and systemic theories. “Not all organizations have the same system. There is a specific characteristic in each organization, which is affected by internal factors such as technology, strategy, qualification level, organization’s age, and size. In this matter, a theory is focused on the function and objectives of an organization to improve its efficiency,” reveals Prof. Coron.

After the material presentation, the event conducted on Thursday, October 27th, 2022, continues with a questions and answers session led by Dr. Wulan Permatasari, SE., MM., as Moderator. The participants’ enthusiasm, which was dominated by students, was proved by the number of questions delivered by participants.