04 Aug 2023

Institutional and Human Resources Research Group Provides Training on Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship Creative Products to SMK Bhakti Karya Karanganyar

Institutional and Human Resources Research Group (RG), Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS), hosted a Community Service entitled “Digital Marketing Literacy and Entrepreneurial Creative Products,” at SMK Bhakti Karya Karanganyar, July 20, 2023.

In the entirety of the activity, the RG Team was led by Dr. Ahmad Daerobi, along with Dr. Guntur Riyanto, Dr. Dwi Prasetyani, Dr. Vinc Hadiwiyono, Vita Kartika Sari, MSc., Aulia Hapsari Juwita, M.E., and also collaborated with students of the KKN Team 165.

The Introduction to School Environment (MPLS) period is a fairly effective time for the team to introduce entrepreneurship lessons to students. The entrepreneurship subject is a new subject for the Karanganyar Vocational School students and has only been given to students starting from the 2022/2023 school year.

The school hopes that the arrival of the RG Team can motivate and provide more insight to students in order to grow their entrepreneurial spirit. Thus, it can prepare students in order to create employment from an early age.

A creative product is a product obtained from a unique idea or individual innovation that then has a high selling value. Creative products are widely used as one of the sources of individual income.

Developing an entrepreneurial spirit among students is one of the important things to be part of employment opportunities, income, and welfare for every person/individual.

The service team said that creative products can be in the form of making decorative ceramics derived from clay, the use of patchwork as casual pants, or the use of acrylic waste to decorate a room or a house. The more unique the idea of the creative product is, and the higher the benefits in its use, the higher the consumers’ interest in using it.

Not only focused on the manufacturing process and production results, but the RG Team also explained how to market the product. Digitization of the marketing process is proven to be more effective, but it does not mean that all digital marketing strategies will produce results. In developing a digital marketing strategy, it is necessary to avoid mistakes, while maintaining the codes of ethics that should not be violated.

In the following agenda, the students are introduced to the Business Model Canvas (BMC), and then there will be a competition related to BMC. Therefore, students can also learn about management strategies, and communicating business ideas, or concepts quickly and easily.

The event concluded with the handover of books written by the community service team to SMK Bhakti Karya Karanganyar