13 Nov 2023

FEB UNS Welcomes a Visit from the RUDN University, Discusses International Cooperation

Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) received a visit from RUDN University Russia, Wednesday, November 8, 2023, in Assembly Room 1, Soeharno TS Building FEB UNS.

RUDN University delegates who had the opportunity to attend the occasion were Svetlana Ratner, Professor from RUDN University, Irina Pugacheva, Senior Lecturer at RUDN University, Mark Agafoshin, Graduate students of RUDN University, and two students Matvei Slavkin and Svetlana Tretiakova.

The visitation was welcomed by the Vice Dean of Academic Research and Student Affairs FEB, Dr. Dwi Prasetyani, S.E., M.Si., Head of UPT International Cooperation and Services, Rino Ardhian Nugroho, S.Sos., M.T.I., Ph.D., Head of Study Program at FEB UNS, and several UNS Lecturers.

In her remark, Dr. Dwi Prasetyani welcomed the delegation from RUDN University and introduced the existing study program at FEB UNS. “We are very happy to welcome you to FEB UNS, we hope today’s visit can give you a pleasant impression and experience. We at FEB UNS always strive to develop international cooperation networks, so hopefully, on this occasion, we can discuss prospective programs that can be implemented between the two institutions,” she explained.

Further, Dr. Dwi said that there are currently 4 undergraduate study programs, 3 master study programs (S2), and one doctoral study program (S3) at FEB UNS. Following the introduction from FEB UNS, Rino Ardhian, Ph.D., also conveyed information related to research and education programs at UNS. According to him this visit to UNS was the second visit for RUDN University, which had previously visited UNS, although at that time RUDN University had not had time to meet with representatives of the study programs in UNS.

Svetlana Ratner expressed her gratitude for welcoming the visit. “Thank you to FEB UNS, this is  our second time visiting UNS, and we are very happy to meet and hold a discussion with IO UNS and FEB UNS,” she said.

Introducing their home institution, the delegates discuss research programs carried out, the majority of which focus on topics related to sustainable economy and sustainable development.

Responding to discussion questions related to programs available to students from Russia, Prof. Dr. Drs. Pranoto, M.Sc., Head of the S3 Environmental Science Study Program UNS explained that UNS provides short courses organized by the Center of Excellence in Science and Technology (PUI) at UNS.

In addition, UNS also developed a customized course for the Future ASIAN Program, which become one of the international programs at UNS. “One of the PUI at UNS, namely PUI Fintech and Banking, has regularly hosted short courses that attract participants from various countries. In addition, we at UNS also provide normal courses and special courses for certain programs, and scholarships are also available for international students at UNS,” he explained later.

The event continued with a discussion between the attendees and the delegation from Russia.