12 May 2023

Development Economics Study Program Invites Visiting Lecture for Research Discussion

The Undergraduate of Development Economics Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS), welcomes Prof. Hurng-Jyuhn Wang from National Dong Hwa University and Prof. Doo Chul Kim from Okayama University, Thursday, 2 March 2023.

The two professors were welcomed by the Head of Development Economics Study Program, Bhimo Rizky Samudro, S.E., M.Si., Ph.D., lecturer representatives, and students, in Teleconference Room, Soedarah Soepono Building, FEB UNS.

This visit by Prof. Wang and Prof. Kim attempted to explore further discussion on previous research conducted in rural development and poverty eradication in Vietnam. The discussion led by Yogi Pasca Pratama, S.E., M.E., one of the lecturers in the Development Economics Study Program, went interactively, where the participants share their research experiences.

In between the discussion session, the two visiting researchers expressed their appreciation to the Head of the Study Program, Bhimo Rizky Samudro, Ph.D., for his initiative in conducting the session. The two professors also welcomed any lecturer who is interested to pursue further study at their home university. “Future collaboration between the parties will bring excellent outcomes. I can’t wait for the future joint collaborations with FEB UNS colleagues,” said Prof. Hurng-Jyuhn Wan.

The session was concluded by Bhimo Rizky Samudro, Ph.D., with a gratitude note to the two Professors for spending their time visiting FEB UNS and participating in the discussion.