26 Sep 2019

The Undergraduate Program in Management Socialize an Integrated Thesis Supervision

The Undergraduate Program in Management Study conduct a socialization on integrated thesis supervision to the undergraduate students who are currently working on their final thesis in the semester of 2019/2020. This event is conducted in Thursday, September 5th, 2019 in FEB UNS 5th Building Hall. Dr. Atmaji, the Head of Study Program expect that the system will help the student to complete their study. “There should be a cooperation between the supervisor and students, to assist student in completing their thesis within 6 months. The consultation can take places 3 (three) times a week or more frequent,” he explains.
The speed of thesis completion is not only for student interest, but it also contributes to the faculty quality. The future challenge for the faculty is to maintain its accreditation standard. On the same occasion, Dr. Lilik Wahyudi explains on the new system established to assist the thesis writing for the student of Undergraduate in Management. This system will help the student in completing their thesis starts from proposal, supervision activity, thesis writing, plagiarism checking, as well as helping them to find good reference.
“This system will be beneficial to monitor students’ progress, thus the problems that could possibly delays the progress can be solved immediately,” Lilik explained.
Moreover, for the proposal preparation, the reference source will be regulated, thus only reference from Q1 to Q3 journals can be cited in the students’ thesis. Furthermore, to maintain the novelty of student research, only articles from the recent 5 (five) year should be cited. Students are also encouraged to choose a topic that different from their peers’ research topics.
Plagiarism check is implemented since the student’s apply for proposal seminar, to allow the student to do the revision at earlier stage. “Make sure that your thesis content is free from plagiarism, this is according to the Kemenristekdikti regulation that mention if your degree can be annulled if a plagiarism is found in your thesis,” Lilik says.
Within the new system, various books are provided for the students. This to ensure that students have access to relevant reference, minimizing plagiarism, and enrich students’ reference. During the discussion session, the participants also describing their problem related with thesis that receive a direct response from the lecturer.