02 Nov 2019

The Needs for an Automation in Logistic Operation

The trend in logistic market in Indonesia keep drawing more attention due to a recurring increase each year. The logistic trend in economics era 4.0 needs contribution from educational sector, similar to the one in university. This is because education field is one out of four important points that should be considered in developing logistic field, namely more precise deregulation for logistic sector, harmonization between central and regional government, physical and information technology infrastructure development, and education.

Logistic is important in Indonesia because of the potential of Indonesia region has not fully utilized. Currently Indonesia is including in developing country. However, Indonesia is also in third position in term of economics power and sixth position in term of economics growth in ASEAN region. Solo area, especially, has many potentials such as the biggest textile corporation in ASEAN. This explanation is delivered by Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi, the Chairman of Logistic and Forwarder Association (ALFI), during the National Seminar on the Role of Accounting in Logistic Industry, on Friday October 18th, 2019, in FEB UNS 5th Building Hall.

He mentions that in the digital era, a renewal for a new business model is needed that can embrace digital era as tools to facilitate logistic sector. “A qualified system development to combine and collaborate all four components,” he explains. Forward, the infrastructure and physical logistic will no longer become the most important components in logistic, thus the actor in this sector should change and improve their competence following the era. Logistic platform needs an automation; thus, it can facilitate the collaboration and efficiency in information communication through global network.

Meanwhile, Prof. Drs. Hassan Fauzi, M.Ba., Ph.D., Ak, a lecturer from the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UNS states that besides tools to support supply chain management, stakeholder within the entity should be one of the aspects that should be considered. This relates with the human resource that become the key for the implementation of effective supply chain management. The supply chain management will be no longer profit-oriented, but also considering the social an environmental interest as a form of corporate social responsibility.

Other speakers who were invited to the National Seminar, organized in collaboration with ALFI, is Arif Prabowo, the CEO of PT. Pelindo III for Jawa Tengah Region. During the occasion a collaboration MoU between ALFI and FEB UNS is signed.

Source: Accounting Study Program