25 Aug 2019

The Implementation of Pancasila Values, Encourage the Development of Economics Quality and High-Quality Human Resource


Pancasila as the Ideology of Indonesia become a guard rail from the external radical effect. Within the economics context, Pancasila become the foundation for human resource development in order to enhance the nation’s competitiveness. Grass-root economics is expected to be the backbone for community welfare and through empowerment our community can be excel in facing the global challenges, especially in the Industrial Revolution 4.0. These was expressed by Prof. Djoko Suhardjanto, the Dean of FEB UNS, in his opening remarks for the Seminar on Pancasila as the Platform of Human Development and Culture in FEB UNS 4th Building Hall on Monday, August 19th 2019.

In line with the opening remarks, Lia Kian, a Special Staff for the Director of Steering Board in the Pancasila Ideology Development Board (BPIP), who serves as one of the speakers in the seminar states that Pancasila as the Nation’s Ideology should be implemented in the daily activity, especially in the education field. “In the pursuit of economics quality and excellent human resource, there are 5 (five) platforms (morals) that we should master, namely religious, humanity, nationalism, populist, and justice,” explains Kian.

On the other side, Bambang Saroso, one of academic member of FEB UNS also offers his point of view on the education field, especially on economics study that remains following western economics theories, which is less relevant to the Pancasila Economics. “BPIP is expected to provide coaching as well as monitoring for the implementation of the Pancasila Ideology, especially in term of economics,” he explains.
This Seminar that conducted in FEB UNS took a theme of Bringing the Pancasila Values into Grass-Root Economics and Empowering the Communities, is attended by the academic members of FEB UNS and the new students for the upcoming semester. This event also invited famous figure who support Pancasila Ideology implementation such as Handaka Vijjananda (formation entrepreneur) and Livi Zheng (movie director).
Seminar of Pancasila Value is held concurrently in 13 (thirteen) faculties in UNS as an effort to instilling the values of Pancasila, especially to the younger generation.

(Humas FEB UNS)