14 Jul 2019

For the Development of Hajj Fund, the Hajj Financial Management Agency (BPKH) Establish a Partnership with FEB UNS

The Hajj Financial Management Agency (BPKH) is an agency established by the President of the Republic of Indonesia to manage the hajj financial affairs covering income, development, expenditure, and accountability.

“BPKH, which established in 2017, is responsible for the management of hajj funds derived from the pilgrims who has paid for the initial deposit, all the hajj funds is managed and used to provide pilgrimage services,” said Anggito Abimanyu as the Head of BPKH during the Seminar of Hajj Financial Management in FEB UNS on May, 5th 2019.

“The total of Hajj funds as in December 2018 is 113 trillion Rupiah, and this number is keep increasing. This encourage us to consider future use and development of these funds,” he adds.

Anggito hopes there will be a partnership between BPKH and FEB UNS to establish a research institution to study the utilization and development of Hajj funds. Research on the development of hajj funds that can be explored for further partnership and collaboration are including direct investment, securities, banking products, exchanges rate, management efficiency, and various other topics.

Anggito also mentions that to date, the hajj funds that transferred to Saudi Arabia are amounted to 15 trillion Rupiah, thus we need to find a method to promote Indonesian product to enter Saudi’s market. “For instance, the prayer beads, worship clothes, and slippers sold in Saudi are not Indonesia product, this is a great opportunity for Indonesia’s product to penetrate Saudi’s market.”