25 Aug 2023

Commemorating the 78th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, the PPK Ormawa BEM FEB UNS Team Holds the Independence Day Competition with the Community of Karangturi Village

Commemorating the 78th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, the Capacity Improvement Program for Student Organizations (PPK Ormawa) Team BEM FEB UNS held the 3rd Program with the theme “Women Love Indonesia” adorned with various interesting activities in Karangturi Village on Friday, August 18, 2023.

The 3rd program class themed “Women Love Indonesia” was opened with an afternoon exercise led by members of the PPK Ormawa BEM FEB UNS Team, namely Chiniko and Yumna, as exercise instructors. This exercise activity was carried out for about 15 minutes and was attended by the PKK members of Karangturi Village with full enthusiasm. The enthusiasm of the PKK members of Karangturi Village during the exercise added to the festivity and cheerfulness of the atmosphere of the 3rd program class in celebrating the momentum of Indonesia’s Independence Day.

After the exercise was finished, the agenda for the 3rd program continued with the Independence Day competitions. Various interesting competitions were held, such as Cerdas-cermat competitions and song guessing. The mothers who attended and participated in this competition were divided into several groups guided by members of the PPK Ormawa BEM FEB UNS Team.

After being divided into groups, each group was guided to their respective posts to follow the competition that had been prepared and determined by the PPK Ormawa BEM FEB UNS Team. The excitement of the competition and the spirit of the participants increased when each group made very diverse cheers.

At the end of the 3rd program, an awarding session was held for participants who won the competition. Of course, this awarding is expected to increase the enthusiasm of the village housewives in celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day and their activeness in following PPK Ormawa BEM FEB UNS programs in the future.