28 Mar 2022

Awarding Night Concludes the 2022 ARTEFAC UNS

The Awarding and Closing Ceremony for the Art and Sport Appreciation by Economic and Business Faculty (ARTEFAC) 2022, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta, was conducted in a hybrid manner Saturday (26/3/2022). The event that invited national judges and was held joyously at the FEB UNS Suhardi Hall, was officially opened by the Vice Dean for Academic, Research, and Student Affairs FEB UNS, Prof. Dr. Izza Mafruhah, SE., M.Si. Following in suit, Prof. Dr. Reviono, dr., Sp.P(K), as the chairman of the 46th UNS Anniversary, thanked the juries for allocating their schedule to attend the ceremony at UNS and appreciating the effort taken in hosting the 2022 ARTEFAC.

The competitions held by ARTEFAC UNS consist of three competitions, including a contemporary dance competition, a modern dance competition, and a monologue competition. Mohammad Da’i as the Chairman of ARTEFAC UNS 2022 expressed his gratitude to all participants who had participated in the ARTEFAC UNS 2022 championship. Even though it was held in the middle of a pandemic condition, participants’ enthusiasm was overwhelming. This is evident with a total of 101 participants competing in all competitions, with 50 participants in Monolog Competition, 25 contestants in Modern Dance Competition, and 26 contenders in Contemporary Dance Competition. Mohammad Da’i also said that the competition held by ARTEFAC UNS 2022 has been a regular schedule in the FEB UNS and is always awaited by art and sports enthusiast on a national scale. Participants came from all over Indonesia, starting from Surakarta, Bali, Jakarta, Blora, Semarang, and others.

This event was enlivened with a talkshow from competition monologue judges, Hanindawan and Nano Riantiarno, who provided insights into the Monologue. They say that the Monologue is a space used to showcase players’ creativity in crafting a work of art. The competition monologue consists of two categories, namely the high school and university categories. After passing through the jury assessment process, the Monologue Competition for the high school category was won by Gentamalini Theatre as the Best Music Organizer; Tsuntsinelas Theatre as the Best Artistic; Timboel Theatre in 3rd Place; Bala Theatre in 2nd Place, and Gentamalini Theatre in 1st Place. Meanwhile, in the University category, the Monologue Competition was won by Sendratasik Theatre as the Best Music Organizer; Geniwara Theatre as the Best Artistic; Soekamto Theatre in 3rd Place; Sendratasik Theatre in 2nd Place, and Trompah Theatre in 1st Place.

Additionally, the talk show was also attended by a contemporary dance competition jury, such as Didik Nini Thowok and Otniel Tasman, who explained a little about contemporary art as something that is expressed in us spontaneously, which is synonymous with freedom and can follow the flow of times. Every period of contemporary dance art will change or can keep up with the times and new media. The winner of the contemporary dance competition was Sawung Dance Studio as the Best Choreo; Janata Team in the 3rd Place; Taksu Krisna in the 2nd Place; and Kuda Dance Community in the 1st Place.

The next talk show presented the juries for the modern dance competition, such as Timboel Hiphop and Acia Pink Panda, who explained a little about modern dance where the participants can get more creative in choreography. The jury members provide insights into the online dance competition, stating that aside from the dance movement, participants need to pay attention to supporting aspects such as costumes, lighting, videography, and editing. The winner of the modern dance competition 1st Place was won by Centermix Crew from Blora, 2nd Place was Three Six One, and the Recycle Crew won 3rd Place and Best Choreo Excellent Dance.

There are live performances of traditional dance and modern dance from the spectacular Guest Star in-between the session. Thus the event went on lively and smoothly. This Awarding Session will be the closing event of ARTEFAC UNS 2022.

Reporter: Artefac
Editor: Humas FEB