17 Nov 2021

Accounting Study Program FEB UNS Hosted FGD on International Class Development

The Bachelor (S1) of Accounting Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS), organized a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on International Class Development. The FGD was conducted on Wednesday, November 17, 2021, in a Hybrid format, at UNS Inn and via Zoom meeting. The event was attended by academic staff from FEB UNS, representing the Accounting, Management, and Development Economics Study Programs.

From left: Agung Julianto, Ph.D., Dr. Djuminah, Dr. Wahyu Widarjo

Two discussants were invited to the discussion namely Dr. Devi Sulistyo Kalanjati, SE, M.Acc, M.Sc, Ak from UNAIR, and Agung Julianto, SE., M.Si, Ph.D., Ak., CA from UNDIP. The activity was divided into two sessions, led by Taufiq Arifin, S.E., M.Sc., Ph.D., Ak., and Dr. Wahyu Widarjo, S.E., M.Si, as moderator. Both are lecturers from the Accounting Study Program.

Dr. Djuminah, M.Si., Ak., the Vice Dean of Human Resources, Finance, and Logistics FEB UNS, delivered a speech on behalf of the Dean of FEB UNS. She stated that the FGD was an interesting occasion, both for the academic support staff and the faculty members involved in international classes.

Taufiq Arifin, Ph.D., delivering a speech on behalf of the Head of the Accounting Study Program

Dr. Djuminah also expressed her gratitude to the guest speakers and the organizing committee for managing and supporting the FGD. Hopefully, the event would bring abundant benefits, fostering extensive knowledge and experience-sharing in managing international classes.

Meanwhile, Taufiq Arifin, S.E., M.Sc., Ph.D., Ak, in his welcoming remark representing the Head of the Accounting Study Program, conveyed that this agenda was part of the university’s endeavor to be a reputable world-class university. This strategic program is then mandated to the study programs to fulfill its commitment as part of UNS.

“International classes are part of the university’s strategy to prepare competitive students at the national and international levels. This program also provides students with extensive exposure, including a curriculum that aligns with international standards, focusing on a wide range of skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and many more,” he said.

Discussion session with Dr. Devi Sulistyo Kalanjati, SE., M.Acc., M.Sc., Ak

The International Class, organized by the Accounting and Development Economics Study Program FEB UNS, provided an opportunity for students to enrich their academic experiences. Hopefully, students would take part in the double degree program, where they could study for four semesters at UNS and four semesters at Curtin University. “This is an extraordinary opportunity for the first batch of students in the international class make to the best use of it,” he emphasized.

The FGD was expected to improve the continuous efforts made by FEB UNS, including future strategies related to the international class program.