08 Oct 2019

A Collaborative Seminar between the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) and Faculty of Law (FH) UNS: Fighting Corruption Without Hustle-Bustle

Corruption has become a serious problem in Indonesia and categorized as an extraordinary crime. The public interest on corruption cases is huge and they demand that the handling of corruption cases can be conducted effectively. The handling of corruption cases that usually are more focussed on the magnitude of the case, brought a concern as corruption eradication program has not implemented on the root cause of the corruption. This point of view was delivered by Prof. Dr. R Widyo Pramono, during a Book Review Seminar entitled “Melawan Korupsi Tanpa Gaduh (Fighting Corruption without Hustle-Bustle): A Memoar and Perspective of a Proscecutor and Professor” on Thursday, September 26th, 2019, in FEB UNS Main Hall (3rd Building).

Further, he explain that without hustle-bustle mean that corruption eradication should be conducted through a law enforcement in accordance with the rule-of-game, mannerism, customs, and religious teachings, which leads us to have sensibility, trustworthy-ness, fairness, and honesty during the trial of a corruption case. “The corruption eradication without hustle-bustle is conducted through a specific approach such as the investigation of corruption case should consider the suspect or alleged perpetrator’s conscience, avoiding injustice and manipulation. The publication of the case should not made into the headlines,” explains Prof. Pramono the author of the books who also served as a prosecutor for 32 years.

Further, he explains that to be able to eradicate corruption without any urge to be popular, the law enforcement officers, either prosecutors, judges, police, or the Corruption Eradication Commission Apparatus, should convince the public about their integrity in corruption eradication. The law enforcement officer should gain public trust. Public support on corruption eradication should be earned through a proper enforcement, fair, transparent, accountable, and appropriate norms, even though it was not implemented using a popular step.

The handling of a corruption case should be conducted quickly and should no be prolonged. A prolonged case will be harder to handle. On his final presentation, Prof. Pramono mentions that a synergy among the law enforcement institution needs to be improved, both at individual and at institutional level. A MoU among the law enforcement institution is expected to promote a better synergy in the form of better coordination and respect among the institution that signed the MoU.

The seminar is attended by the Rector of Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Prof. Jamal Wiwoho, as well as other speakers such as Alexander Marwata the Vice Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Dr. Bandi the Vice Rector of General and Financial Affairs, and Dr. Hari Purwadi an academician from FH UNS. The book reviewed in the seminar is the 9th edition. The author’s hope that through the seminar there will be more constructive input, critics, and suggestions provided for the improvement of his future works.