19 Sep 2023

30 Tenants Join Culinary of Development Economics Hosted by HMJ EP

The Culinary of Development Economics (CODE) Presented by Entrepreneurship Week (PKWU), under the “Building the Economy of the Golden Generation by Embracing the Role of Art” theme, is one of the Annual Programs of the Student Association of the Development Economics Study Program in 2023.

In today’s digital era, the creative economy, which is commonly abbreviated as EKRAF, may be familiar to the general. Various businesses are conducted by prioritizing creative concepts, thus, they not only facilitate the community but also intensify creativity.

The culinary business sector has a strong potential to develop, which needs the attention of all parties. On the other hand, it is important to introduce culinary businesses owned by students and the general public to increase their production and sales, as well as open markets for the business.

This condition motivates the Development Economics Student Association to organize culinary bazaars for all Development Economics students, UNS academic members, the general public, and food lovers.

The Culinary of Development Economics in 2023 is expected to have a great impact in the economic and social fields, because this event prioritizes the cooperation principle, namely ‘from us to us, and for us,’ which has a focus on the development of culinary businesses and art events. Focusing on those aspects is useful for students’ art dissemination and development and, at the same time serves as an entertainment event to strengthen networking among students, especially the undergraduate students in the Development Economics Study Program.

Bazar CODE (Culinary of Development Economics) lasts for 3 days from Tuesday, August 29-Thursday, August 31, 2023, followed by 30 food tenants ranging from traditional food to modern food. Enlivened with various series of events consisting of Talk Show, Eating Competition, Panco, PES, and Performance from Development Economics Study Program Students, FEB Students, and local Guest Star Specials.