04 Sep 2019

Pancasila Value Should be the Foundation of Community Behavior

Activities that can deepen students’ understanding on Pancasila value is important as they will be the future leader of the nation. The noble value of Pancasila such as the spirit of harmony life and mutual cooperation should be enforced as the foundation of national life, especially in the industrial 4.0 era. This was expressed by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UNS in the Forum Aksi Pendekar Pancasila (Pancasila Character Education Action Forum) hosted by the Undergraduate in Accounting Study Program FEB UNS in collaboration with the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia (KEMENKOMINFO), on Friday August 30th 2019 in FEB UNS Hall.

Similar statement was given by the Director of Information and Communication on Human Development and Culture of KEMENKOMINFO, Wiryatna, Ph.D. An active behaviour from the community to implement Pancasila value is important, this applies in various fields either social or economics, in order to creating a prosperous society. “The tagline brought by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, which is ‘Excellent Human Resource (HR) Advanced Indonesia’, can be interpreted under HR context as a qualified HR who possess Pancasila character and highly competent will lead to an advanced Indonesia in 2024,” he (Wiryatna) explains.

On the same occasion, another speaker Sudarsana, PGD in Pop&Dev, states that HR development become the key factor to win global competition, which should receive full support from all the stakeholders. “Superior and qualified human resource should have a strong character, resilient, persevering, creative, innovative, honest, and dedicated,” he explains.