10 Nov 2022

FEB UNS Blood Donor


?Come Join us on FEB UNS Blood Donor!!?

The Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) in collaboration with the Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) UNS and Indonesia Red Cross (PMI) hosted a special social event for Blood Donor on:

?️Thursday, 10 November 2022
⏰09.00 – 12.00 WIB
? FEB UNS Soehardi Building

Open for public

?️ Registration Link: http://bit.ly/donordarahfeb102022

On The Spot registration start at 09.00-11.30 WIB

Contact Person:
Nur Hariawan (081548305500)
Tetri (085229013168)

We are waiting for your participation!


Registration for : FEB UNS Blood Donor

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