The Diploma in Taxation Study Program provide an excellent teaching and learning activities in applied taxation field that aims to prepare students to be competent and competitive. To achieve this, we are supported with the competent lecturers. Most of our faculty members obtain certification in various field such as taxation certification, financial accounting, as well as public sector accounting. Moreover, we are supported with various facilities to achieve applied research in taxation field in order to develop the science. The facilities are tax seminar, tax brevet training, SAP training, internship, and industry visit.

Our objective is to deliver the diploma graduates with comprehensive knowledge, expertise, and skill; thus, they can compete in local and national labor market. This proved from the graduates waiting time is less than 6 months. Our alumni mostly work as tax consultant as well as accounting and tax staff in various firms and companies. However, some of our alumni also passed the employee selection for the Ministry of Finance.


Visiting Lecturer: Intelectual Capital

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