S1 Management Program

The management study program is committed to developing knowledge, teaching and research in management and collaborating with industry in solving business problems and developing innovation in management. The management study program also collaborates with industry and the government to formulate curricula and courses oriented towards the industrial revolution 4.0. One of the study program’s leading courses is managerial simulation practice, a course that integrates theoretical understanding skills and managerial practical skills, so as to produce graduates with industry-appropriate competencies. The management study program maintains the quality of the academic climate and teaching and learning process by implementing quality standards in accordance with national and international certification criteria such as BAN PT accreditation (accreditation A), AUN QA, and AACSB members. Various national and international level academic activities are held by management study programs such as organizing international conferences and national seminars. Several teaching staff actively publish research in reputable journals and receive prestigious grants at international level (ERASMUS +)

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