S1 Accounting Program

The S1 Accounting Study Program prioritizes fostering an atmosphere of academic freedom supported by information technology. This is supported by the study program’s commitment to produce graduates who have good basic information systems and information technology. S1 Accounting students master and are certified in SAP Software. In addition, the study program also upholds ethics to produce graduates who are competent and ready to compete both nationally and internationally. This is proven by the success of the study program in producing excellent graduates in the field of Public Sector Accounting. 70% of S1 Accounting graduates are accepted to work in government agencies, study program collaborations with Regional Government and Central Government).
Bachelor of Accounting Study Program accredited Superior (A) from BAN PT in 2018. Study Program also has an extensive network and actively participates in the activities of professional organizations and higher education networks, both nationally and internationally. This goal is demonstrated by becoming an international member of AAPBS and an international member of EFMD-EPAS.

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