Becoming a high-performance and sustainable Management Study Program at national and international level based on the noble values of national culture.


  1. Organizing quality education and teaching in the field quality of management that make a graduates who are competent and ready to compete nationally and internationally.
  2. Organizing scientific research in the field of management science with a high quality, and national and international reputation.
  3. Organizing quality community service activities that are oriented towards efforts to empower the community through strengthening culture.

1st Semester
Indonesian Language
Introduction to Business
Organizational Behavior
Business Mathematics
Introduction to Microeconomics
Introduction to Accounting I

2nd Semester
Religion Education
Business communication
Descriptive Statistics
Business law
Introduction to Macroeconomics
Introduction to Accounting II

3rd semester
Financial Management I
Marketing Management I
Human Resource Management I
Operations Management I
Inductive Statistics
Cost accounting
Information Technology Practice

4th semester
Civic Education
Management Research Methodology
Financial Management II
Marketing Management II
Human Resource Management II
Operations Management II
Management information System
Basic Natural Science

5th semester
Corporate Budgeting
Strategic Management
Operations Research
Managerial Economy
Management Accounting
Indonesia Economy

6th semester
Management Practice I (e-Business)
Management Practice II (Data Analysis)
Practice Management III (Tools for Concentration Elective Course)
General Elective Course I
General Elective Course I
Concentration Elective Course 1
Concentration Elective Course 2
Concentration Elective Course 3
Finance Management 3
Human Resource Management 3
Marketing Management 3
Operation Management 3

  • Kampus Merdeka Program – Research
  • Kampus Merdeka Program – Entrepreneurship
  • Kampus Merdeka Program – Internship
  • Kampus Merdeka Program – Village Development Project
  • Kampus Merdeka Program – Humanity Project
  • Kampus Merdeka Program -Independent Project
  • Kampus Merdeka Program – Teaching Assistant

Community Service Program

7th semester
Business Feasibility Study
Managerial Simulation****
Banking Management**

Semester 8
Under Graduate Thesis / Final Report KM
General Choice MK 3


The Management Study Program curriculum is designed to covers subjects that support national excellence such as Entrepreneurship, PSM (Managerial Simulation Practice), and KKM (internship program) and international excellence such as Global Marketing Strategy, International Financial Management, and International Humans Resource Management, and International Business. The Undergraduate Program in Management curriculum also offers compulsory Indonesian and English language courses and Business Communication for all students. In order to support the students’ proficiency in English, the program uses international references. Some classes are conducted in bi-lingual and full in English. The program has been accredited with national accreditation and international certification such as


Partnership with the Industrial Sector in Indonesia: National Land Agency, Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (IDIC), Indonesia Financial Service Authority (OJK), Bank Indonesia, PT. Bank Mandiri, PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), PT. Angkasa Pura, PT. Bank BTN, PT. Sinar Sosro, PT. Bank Danamon, JNE, PT. Telkomsel, Azana Hotel Group, and ADIS Group.

International Partnership: Purdue University USA, University of Twente Netherlands, University of Limoges France, University of Portsmouth UK, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology Taiwan, Universiti Putra Malaysia, and Universiti Malaysia Sarawak.

Graduates’ Job Prospects

Graduates from management study programs are expected to occupy strategic positions such as managers, business consultants, entrepreneurs, and bureaucrats. Career prospects available for graduates include:

• Management staff / management trainees in business and non-business organizations
• Civil Servants with class III / a with the rank of Young Officer
• Account officer, teller, financial / risk analyst, personal banking officer, relationship manager in the banking business
• Sales / marketing executive, supervisor / assistant manager in manufacturing, service and retail businesses
• Business consultant
• Entrepreneur

Accreditation and Ranking

BAN PT accredited A with a score of 376 dated November 21, 2018 with BAN-PT Decree No 3108/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/X/2018 regarding the Accreditation Score and Ranking of Undergraduate Study Programs.


Some companies / agencies have developed cooperation with Management Study Programs, including:

  1. Recruitment: Adis Group, National Land Agency (BPN), Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM), Bank Muamalat Indonesia, Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), PT Paragon Technology and Innovation (Wardah Cosmetic), PT Pelindo II,
  2. Research Collaboration: Bank Indonesia, the Financial Services Authority, the Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation,
  3. Internship: Bank Mandiri, BNI 46 Bank, Bank BTN, Bank Danamon, PT. Taspen, Lotte mart, Coca Cola Amatil, PT. Tiga Pilar Sejahtera, PT. Angkasa Pura I, PT. INKA, PT. Tiga Serangkai, PT. Gramedia, Telkomsel, Novotel Hotels, Ministry of Finance, Wonogiri Regional Government, Klaten Regional Government, Surakarta City Government, and many others.

                  LIST OF LECTURERS


Head of the S1 Management Study Program :


E-mail :

  1. Prof. Dr. Tulus Haryono, M.Ek
  2. Prof. Dr. Asri Laksmi Riani, M.S
  3. Prof. Dr. Salamah Wahyuni, SU
  4. Prof. Dr. Wisnu Untoro, M.S
  5. Prof. Dr. Hunik Sri Runing Sawitri, MSi
  6. Prof. Dr. Budhi Haryanto, MM
  7. Mugi Harsono, S.E, M.Si
  8. Dr . Bambang Hadinugroho, S.E.,M.Si
  9. Dr. Atmaji, MM
  10. Retno Tanding Suryandari, S.E., M.E,.Ph.D
  11. Irwan Trinugroho, SE, MSc, PhD
  12. Ahmad Ikhwan Setiawan, S.E., M.T.
  13. Susanto Tirtoprojo, M.M
  14. Joko Suyono, S.E.,M.Si
  15. Lilik Wahyudi, S.E.,M.Si
  1. Dr. Intan Novela QA, SE, MSi
  2. Dr. Sinto Sunaryo, SE, MSi
  3. Tastaftiyan Risfandy, SE, MSc, PhD
  4. Catur Sugiarto, SE, MM, M.Rech, PhD
  5. Dr. Endang Suhari, MSi
  6. Dr. Muhammad Cholil, MM
  7. Hidajat Hendarsjah, S.Si, MM
  8. Djoko Purwanto, M.Ba
  9. Drs. Dwi Hastjarja KB, MM
  10. Drs. Harmadi, MM
  11. Drs. Heru Purnomo, MM
  12. Dra. Anastasia Riani Suprapti, M.Si
  13. Reza Rahardian, S.E., M.Si
  14. Drs. Yong Dirgiatmo, MSc
  15. Deny Dwi Hartomo, S.E.,M.Sc
  16. Haryanto, Se., M.Sc
  1. Heru Agustanto, S.E.,M.S.M
  2. Muh Juan Suam Toro, S.E., M.Si
  3. Siti Khoiriyah, S.E., M.Si
  4. Amina Sukma Dewi, S.E.,M.Sc
  5. Arum Setyowati, S.E., M.M
  6. Yeni Fajariyanti, S.E.,M.Si
  7. Sarwoto, S.E., M.Sc.
  8. Pram Suryanadi, S.E, M.Si
  9. Suryandari Istiqomah, Se, M.Sc
  10. Wahyu Trinarningsih, S.E.,M.M.,M.A
  11. Adnan Effendi, SE, MSc
  12. Dila Maghrifani, S.E.,B.Sc.,M.Sc
  13. Yohana Tamara, SE, MM
  14. Risgiyanti, SE, MSi
  15. Miftachul Maarif, SEI, MM
  16. Aldy Fariz Achsanta, S.E., M.Rech, PhD