Banking and financial sector is one of the most wanted job for young generation. High prestige with attractive salary is one of the reasons to choose this field. Our diploma program in banking and finance aims to enhance students’ in Banking and the finance.

We accommodate the implementation of applied banking and finance learning process by providing a simulation laboratory. This laboratory is provided in the form of a mini bank, which designed to resembling the real commercial bank layout in Indonesia. Aside from the similar space and setting, the learning process is designed to mimic the activities the banks and financial institutions employees.

Graduates will have the advantage to be excellent practitioners in banking and finance industry as well as to be selected during the recruitment process in various banking institution such as national level and international level banks, BPR (Rural banks), BMT (Baitul maal wat tamwil/micro sharia financial institution), and other similar financial institution. Students’ mastery of financial theory is strengthened with the support of practical skills obtained from simulations and training by banking practitioners.


Visiting Lecturer: Intelectual Capital

Video Profil D3 Keuangan Perbankan