The Diploma in Accounting Study Program provide a qualified education in applied accounting that requires students’ development and independence to gain the understanding of the community values. We offer a vast comprehension in accounting not only in theory but also in public and private sector accounting practice. Further, our study program put more weight on practice compared to theoretical course, thus preparing the students to be ready for working. This is one of our excellence that proved from the short graduates waiting time, less than 3 months. Moreover, the study program is accredited with “A” standard.

In all of our program, the Diploma in Accounting Study Program always conduct a structured training to the students, in order to prepare the students for their future work place. The training aims to deliver the hardskill and softskill mastery. The trainings are audit training, accounting technician competency test, conducting special lectures by inviting practitioners with excellent expertise in their field, banking (frontliner) training, and site visit to various industries.


Visiting Lecturer: Intelectual Capital

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