18 Oct 2023

Hosting International Publication Improvement Strategy Workshop, PDIE FEB UNS Invites Experts from Coventry University UK

Scientific article writing is a major necessity in the academic sector, both as lecturers and as students. Lecturers are required to do research activities under the Higher Education Tri Dharma as an effort to develop their professionalism.

Students are required to present their lecture assignments, in the fulfilment of their final assignments, in the form of scientific papers. Particularly for the doctoral level (S3), this article must be published in reputable international journals.

An indicator for scientific work to be considered high-quality is being accepted in reputable journals.

Both students and lecturers, especially in PDIE FEB UNS, need to gain knowledge on the strategy to publish in reputable international journals to further improve the quality and quantity of scientific articles published.

In order to improve the quality of scientific publication in reputable international journals, the Doctoral Program in Economics (PDIE), Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) hosted a Workshop, ‘Strategy for Publication Improvement in a Reputable International Journal,’ Saturday, September 30, 2023 at the Konimex Hall, Bachtiar Effendi Building, 3rd Floor PDIE FEB UNS.

The virtual workshop invited competent and highly experienced experts who have numerous international publications, namely Rayendra Khresna Brahmana, Ph.D., from Coventry University in England.

Other than being attended by FEB UNS Lecturers, and PDIE FEB UNS students, the workshop was also attended by the general public. The agenda began with the speech of the Head of the PDIE Study Program, followed by the presentation by the speakers, and a discussion with the speakers.

Technical discussions between speakers and workshop participants, which mainly consist of lecturers and PDIE students, are expected to provide a better understanding of the strategy to get published in reputable international journals.