16 Agu 2022

Improving Teamwork, FEB UNS Hosted Outbound and Workshop

The Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS), hosted an Outbound and Workshops for Academic Support Staff, Saturday, December 18, 2021, in Kemuning, Karanganyar. The series of outbound attended by the Dean and FEB Academic Support Staff (Tendik) included Fun Game, River Tubing, and Jeep Offroad.

Dean of FEB UNS During a Short Brief

In his short brief, Prof. Djoko Suhardjanto, the Dean of FEB UNS, said that these outbound activities and workshops aim to increase teamwork and collaboration. “We all have to work together in harmony, mutually support each other, and collaborate to achieve the institution’s goals because our challenges ahead are harder. This year UNS has implemented the PTNBH regulation; thus, we have a lot to do,” he stressed.

As a forum to nurture this togetherness, FEB UNS also formed ‘Guyub Rukun Community.’ The Dean expressed his gratitude and wished the support staff to enjoy the activities that would last from morning to evening. All support staff is expected to help each other, especially facing natural obstacles.

Group Picture of FEB UNS Support Staff and the Deans

Meanwhile, the Vice Dean of Academic Research and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Izza Mafruhah, recounts the excitement for water tourism that day after participating in river-tubing. “I have participated in several water-themed tours, but this time it was quite cool, the site is steeper, the water waves were huge, we were surrendered to the condition. We can scream to remove the existing blockages,” she said.

According to her, these types of activities are beneficial to increasing self-confidence. When facing natural forces, we have to face it, especially when we do not understand the possible outcome for retreating, our level of submission deepens.

Outbond Activity, River Tubing

“The lesson we learn here is, no matter what happens, we have to move on because if we do not take steps, we will not reach the goal. Start anything with ‘bismillah,’ followed with ‘zikrullah,’ finish anything with ‘alhamdulillah,’ and always end with ‘istighfar,’” Prof. Izza said, full of motivation.

In line with Prof. Izza’s statement, a support staff assigned for Deanery Secretariat, Diah Ayu Kusumaningtyas, S.Pd., M.Pd., said this activity was extraordinary and solid. She further thanked FEB for initiating this activity. She further reveals that even though they were shocked and had to recite prayers because of the very strong jets of water in the river tubing, InsyaAllah, she believes that all participants are safe as long as they follow the instructions from the instructor.

Training Focus Through Fun Games

Additionally, fun game activities also train participants to focus on the instructor’s orders. River tubing trains courage. Participants also go off-road on a jeep to enter the rubber forest area. Various obstacles, roads full of slippery mud, and around a steep ravine can finally be passed. (Humas FEB UNS)