27 May 2021

UNS Signs MoU with the Expertise Board of DPR RI

Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Expertise Board of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI), Thursday, May 27, 2021, in the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UNS Hall. The ceremony was also broadcasted virtually.

The MoU was signed directly by the Rector of UNS, Prof. Dr. Jamal Wiwoho, SH, M. Hum., and the Expertise Board of DPR RI, Dr. Inosentius Samsul, SH, M.Hum., witnessed by the Secretary-General of the DPR RI, Dr. Ir. Indra Iskandar, M.Si, and Vice-Rector for Planning, Partnership, Business, and Information Affairs UNS, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Sajidan, M.Si.

The scope of the MoU includes the implementation of education and training such as research, studies, scientific activities, seminars and workshops, human resource competencies improvement and development, integrated management assistance in improving academic quality, and experts mentoring or Journal Peer-Reviewer.

Additionally, the cooperation will also cover data sharing or open access to research or libraries, preparation of Response to the Constitutional Court, implementation of expert support in the formation of laws, preparation of academic texts, budget functions, and supervisory functions, as well as internship programs for lecturers/students at the Expertise Board of the Secretariat General of the DPR RI, and other activities agreed upon by the parties.

After the MoU signatory ceremony, a seminar entitled “Guarding Accountability of the Pre-Employment Program during the Covid-19 Pandemic” was conducted, delivered by Rahmad Handoyo, S.Pi, MM, the Member of Commission IX DPR, Prof. Drs. Djoko Suhardjanto, M.Com. (Hons), Ph.D., Ak., the Dean of FEB UNS, Prof. Dr. Adi Sulistiyono, S.H. M.H., the Chairman of the UNS Academic Senate, Prof. Dr. Izza Mafruhah, SE, M.Si., Vice Dean for Academic, Research, and Student Affairs FEB UNS, and Dr. Atmaji MM, the Head of the Management Study Program FEB UNS.

In his speech, the Secretary-General of DPR RI, Dr. Indra Iskandar, states that the Covid-19 pandemic had encouraged the government to carry out policies to reduce the significant impact of the pandemic on the community. One of the policies implemented is the Pre-Employment Program to reduce the soaring open unemployment, as one of the major impacts of the economic contraction during the pandemic.

“In terms of evaluation, we have a record of supervision activities carried out by DPR RI members on the implementation of the Pre-Employment Program in 2020 and 2021. To strengthen the analysis on the Pre-Employment Program management, the Center for State Financial Accountability Study (PK AKN), Expertise Board of the DPR RI, views that the collaboration and seminars inviting speakers from DPR RI members and UNS academic members are necessary to ensure that the studies conducted can be applied to the society,” he explained.

Dr. Indra also hopes that various inputs will provide significant benefits for PK AKN to create studies that will support the supervisory function of the DPR RI, especially in the supervision of state finances.

UNS Chancellor, Prof. Jamal Wiwoho, thanked the Expertise Board of DPR RI for trusting UNS in this cooperation. He hopes that the ideas and discussions with the seminar speakers can be beneficial both at the national and international levels, contributing to the significant improvement of employment quality in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the Dean of FEB UNS. Prof. Drs. Djoko Suhardjanto, M.Com. (Hons), Ph.D., Ak., conveyed that FEB UNS institutionally is willing to support the role and function of the Expertise Board of DPR RI in creating a Professional Parliament to support the 3 (three) main functions of the DPR RI, namely Monitoring, Budgeting, and Legislation.

One of the main functions of the DPR is to supervise the implementation of government programs. In the academic realm, this function is closely related to accountability. FEB UNS, supported by study programs and research groups, is ready to support supervisory functions and scientific studies for the Expertise Board of DPR RI, including providing in-depth reviews and studies on the accountability of the Pre-Employment Program. (Humas FEB)