01 Jun 2023

FEB UNS Develops a Student Exchange Roadmap

Currently, universities are required to expand their network in order to encourage institution development through the internationalization of universities. To achieve internationalization, a university should be able to meet the global ranking standard. This was expressed by Eko Suwardi, .Ph.D., the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Gadjah Mada during the Workshop on Student Exchange Roadmap Preparation, Monday, December 2, 2019.

He mentioned that there are various method that can be taken such as establishing a collaboration with international partner universities, build an affiliation with business school in ASEAN, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the US, following international accreditation, establish a special expertise in economics and business field, following international education promotion, and actively participating in an international network gathering. Meanwhile, the activities that included in faculty exchange program are student mobility program (dual degree, exchange, summer/winter school), PhD Program, and research and training. Another aspect that also has an impact is Faculty staff exchange, this is because an excellent institution is supported by a highly capable Faculty staff.

In the workshop that was attended by the Head of FEB UNS and the Faculty members, Dr. Eko reminded the participant that the objective of internationalization should always refer to the vision and mission of the institution, which derived from the University vision and mission, adapted to the faculty and study program vision and mission. This is important because the established internationalization program should aims for a sustainable development for all study programs.

Meanwhile, Acep Purqon, Ph.D, a lecturer of Institut Teknologi Bandung, provided a direction in establishing a student exchange roadmap after sharing the strategy of student exchange program in his institution. “Solo and UNS have a uniqueness that can be an appeal for international students. An interesting program should be offered, such as courses or community service program,” he explained. He adds that the initial step that should be taken is by establishing an excellent portfolio, decide the target, and delegate the assignment to those with a great passion. Lastly, the infrastructure should be improved.