Doctoral Program in Economics

The Doctoral Program in Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business (PDIE FEB) Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta is established to prepare qualified human resources in economics, management, and accounting research. The program graduates are expected to have a real contribution and become an innovator in their workplace, have academic excellence, showing a broad and holistic knowledge, flexible in adapting to the various culture, and take an active role in the global community. The PDIE FEB-UNS is designed to strengthen students’ academic leadership, independence, creativity, and innovativeness in research activities. The program prepares its students to be a professional Doctor in their field, with the following qualifications: (1) capable of developing a scientific concept according to their interest through scientific research, (2) capable of managing, leading and developing a research program, and (3) competent in implementing an interdisciplinary approach for economics, management, and accounting works.

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