The Doctoral Program in Economics, the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Sebelas Maret (PDIE FEB-UNS) aims to deliver reliable human resources, especially in the fields of economics, management, and accounting research. Our graduates are expected to take part in applied economics and become innovators in their work place, are academically capable, wide-minded and holistic, easy to adapt to a variety of cultures, and become a global active citizen. PDIE FEB-UNS is designed to strengthen students’ academic leadership, independent, creative, and innovative in various studies. PDIE FEB-UNS prepares graduates to become a professional

Doctor in their field, and have the following competencies: (1) capable to develop scientific concepts according to their main interests through research, (2) having the capacity to manage, lead, and develop research programs, and (3) having the ability to apply an interdisciplinary approach in their work place in economics, management, and accounting.