The Senate/Board Member

"Senate is the highest

normative and

representative body

in a Faculty"

The Members

The Senate of Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis (FEB) is comprised of 22 members:

  1. Prof. Dr. Salamah Wahyuni, SU  (Chief)
  2. Dr. Bandi, M.Si, Ak  (Secretary)
  3. Dr. Hunik Sri Runing Sawitri, M.Si
  4. Prof. Dr. Bambang Sutopo, M.Com., Ak
  5. Prof. Tulus Haryono, M.Ek.
  6. Prof. Dr. Rahmawati, M.Si, Ak
  7. Prof. Djoko Suhardjanto, M.Com (Hons), Ph.D, Ak
  8. Prof. Dr. J.J. Sarungu, M.S.
  9. Prof. Dr. Asri Laksmi Riani, M.S.
  10. Prof. Dr. Mugi Rahardjo, MS
  11. Prof. Dr. Yunastiti Purwaningsih, MP
  12. Drs. M. Agung Prabowo, M.Si., Ph.D., Ak
  13. Drs. Harmadi, M.M
  14. Lukman Hakim, SE., M.Si., Ph.D
  15. Drs. Santoso Tri Hananto, M.Si., Ak
  16. Reza Rahardian, SE., M.Si
  17. Dr. Siti Aisyah Tri Rahayu, M.Si
  18. Hasan Fauzi, Ph.D., CA., CSRS
  19. Dr. Mugi Harsono, SE., M.Si
  20. Drs. Heru Purnomo, MM
  21. Drs. Supriyono, M.Si
  22. Dr. Mulyanto, ME

The Role

Faculty Senate has the following roles:

  1. approve the proposed development direction of the Faculty according to The National Education Standard;
  2. provide policy considerations of academic achievement and proficiency assessment as well as establishing the identity of the Faculty
  3. approve the proposed rules and education benchmark in the Faculty;
  4. approve the proposed Budget Plan of the Faculty;
  5. approve the proposed development plan, collaboration and the quality assurance for the current year;
  6. assess the performance of the Head of the Faculty;
  7. giving consideration to the rector regarding about the candidates to be appointed as the Dean, Vice Dean, Chairman of the Course Program, and lecturer proposed to get promotion, as well as proposing the extension of the retirement age of Professors;
  8. give considerations in upholding ethics for educators, students, and academic staff of the Faculty;