Universitas Sebelas Maret


The university of UNS was founded in 11 March 1976 by incorporating five colleges in Surakarta. Forty years from the incorporation, UNS has achieved what its founder was dreamed, improving the higher education quality in the culturally famous city of Surakarta. The university is ranked 8 as the best university in Indonesia and is competing tightly with the other older universities such as Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Gajah Mada, and Institut Teknologi Bandung. UNS is also ranked 31 as the best university in the South East Asia.

With around 30.000 students from all over Indonesia and 28 other countries around the world, UNS does not only offers high quality education but also an experience of studying in a diverse community. Currently UNS offers various choices of programs that are spread into nine faculties, 54 programs of undergraduate degree, 28 programs of master degree, 9 programs of doctoral degree, 25 programs of vocational level, and 12 programs for the Medical Specialist (Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis 1-PPDS-1).

UNS is focused on creating graduates with various additional skills through the varieties of supporting departments and students’ activities. The UNS language center is provided in order to support our students in mastering various international languages. We also support our teachers and students research through the access to international journals and literature. The famous student choir of Erudita has won several International choir competitions, among others in Hongkong and Vienna. Students can also participate in other students’ activities such as scout, student military regiment, the students union, and other activities related with science and culture. All the supporting departments and student activities are provided in order to boost the absorption of our graduates in the workplace.

UNS has also developed other cooperation with various national and international organizations, both in professional/business field and educational field.