How to reach us


Reaching Solo from other cities in Indonesia is relatively easy, since the city is a hub for all means of transportation that connect the west part and east part of Java island. Following are the time estimates of trip to Solo using various means of transportation:

  • Direct flight from Jakarta will takes 1 hour (approx)
  • Direct flight from Singapore will takes 3 hours (approx)
  • Direct train from Jakarta will takes 8 hours (approx, depends on the train you take)
  • Direct bus from Jakarta will takes 12 hours (approx, depends on the traffic condition)

Trip Route

By Bus

From west direction (Yogyakarta, Semarang, Kudus, etc.), you can stop at the Tirtonadi terminal. From there you can take bus or taxi. The bus may cost around 4000-5000 rupiah, and the taxi will cost approx 50.000 rupiah.

If you decided to take bus, you don’t need to go out from the terminal. Just walk to the domestic bus stop, and choose the bus to Palur and stop right in front of the campus.

If you come from the east part of Java, you may want to ask the bus attendant whether they can drop you directly in front of the campus or whether you should go to the terminal first. Most of the bus usually will agree to drop you directly in front of the campus. In case they only drop their passenger in the terminal, the next step is similar to the above description.


By Train

If you take train, you can stop at Balapan, Purwosari, or Jebres railway station. From these stations you can take bus or taxi to go the campus. If you stop at Balapan, you can easily find the Batik Solo Trans stop in front of the station. This bus is exceptionally comfortable compared to the other bus and the cost is also quite low (4500 rupiah). If you stop at Purwosari and Jebres, you should walk to the main street to find the bus (Batik Solo Trans and other buses).

If you decided to take taxi, it is widely available around the train station area. The cost from these three stations to the campus ranged around 40.000-50.000 rupiah.


By Plane

Landed in the international airport of Adisumarmo (SOC), you have two options to reach the campus. By the airport taxi with fixed cost of 90.000 rupiah, or by Batik Solo Trans with only 4500 rupiah. However you may consider the travel time. The taxi is widely available and all you need to do is going to the taxi counter right beside the arrival exit, while to take the bus you need to walk to the bus stop a few hundred meters from the arrival exit. The trip with bus will take quite longer time because you need to wait for the bus and it takes longer route.