Development Centre

enhancing students skill through extracurricular and other activities


Our faculty always anticipate market demands in educational sector. The high demand for professional workforce has lead us to open a new opportunity for high school graduates to take one year course program to develop their capability. The first program is launched in 1998 with an aim to give a professional course in accounting. The program itself called Accounting Development Centre (Pusat Pengembangan Akuntansi - PPA) of FEB UNS. Moving forward FEB UNS has three development centres, as follows:

  1. PPA (Accounting Development Centre)
  2. PPEP (Economic Development Centre)
  3. PPM (Management Development Centre)

PPA (Accounting Development Centre)

PPA FEB UNS established on January, 2nd 1998. PPA FEB-UNS located at UNS campus Mesen.

Vision: Supports the vision and the mission of the Faculty of Economics and Business to become faculty that excel at national and international levels


  1. Deliver graduates that is capable to mastered, to implement, to develop, and solve the problems that is arises in accounting field, which is supported by other related areas both for business organization and non-business organization. With intense focus on ethics and ability to communicate with the environment.
  2. Conduct a high quality researches in accounting field that can contribute in the national development
  3. Conduct a community service program that can develop the cooperation between the academician and the society, practitioner, and government.

The Services of PPA FEB UNS:

  • Inhouse Training
  • Auditor Training 
  • One Year Accounting and Taxation Staff Program
  • Taxation Course (equivalent with Brevet A and B)
  • Accounting Personnel Certification 

PPEP (Economics Development Centre)

PPEP aims to serve studies and consultancy in economics field. This development centre is established in 1999 and formerly known as the Economic Study and Training Centre. There are many aspect that can be studied in PPEP such as economic development problem and constraints and development planning, both locally and nationally. Furthermore, PPEP has actively conducting many activities (in collaboration with Surakarta Local Government) such as:

  1. Development Strategy Plan Formulation (Renstra);
  2. Evaluation and Condition Analysis (EAK);
  3. Regional Development Program Formulation (Propeda);
  4. Regional Revenues Potential Study (PADS);
  5. The Formulation of the Guidelines for Routine Expense Standardization Application

PPM (Management Development Centre)

With an objective to serve the demand in consultancy and research in management, in the year of 2000 Management Development Centre is established (PPM). This organization has existed since 1976 and known as Management Agency of FE UNS and serves as one of LM FE-UI partners. PPM has conducted many activities such as:

  1. Research in economy problem,
  2. Upgrading for Low Economy Entrepreneur (in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce as well as the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Cooperatives in Surakarta, Yogyakarta, and Magelang)
  3. Solo Customer Satisfaction lndex Survey (SCSI) 2003-2005 (in collaboration with Solopos),
  4. Training for MSME assissted by PT Angkasa Pura