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The Diploma in Marketing Management Program of FEB, is one of many vocational study program in Universitas Sebelas Maret, which is established in 2000. This program offers excellent learning system, teaching system, and courses, which is important to build professional marketing staff with high integrity. Competency based system will let students to get required competency, either main competency or supporting competency. Thus, our graduates are capable of implementing the good marketing practice.


Become a vocational study program that is excellent in marketing management field nationally in 2015 and internationally in 203o.


  • Conduct teaching and learning process with high quality in marketing management field and provide excellent graduates with high competency and competitiveness.
  • Conduct high quality applicable researches in marketing management and publish the article.
  • Conducting community service which is based on community empowerment orientation. Therefore, a global networking with other outside parties could be established and give contribution toward Indonesian development.

Course Facts


6 Semesters


135 students

Total of last year applicants

273 applicants

Course start at


Title achieved

Ahli Madya

About Us



Marketing Management Diploma Program of FEB, offers competency based curriculum which is designed to prepare reliable marketing practitioners, especially in retailing, brand management, consumer behaviour, service marketing, e-commerce, communication, and international marketing.


1st Semester

Ilmu Kealaman Dasar


Ekonomi Mikro Pengantar 

Bisnis Pengantar 

Akuntansi Pengantar I 


Manajemen Pemasaran

2nd Semester

Sistem Informasi Manajemen

Manajemen Keuangan

Ekonomi Makro Pengantar

Akuntansi Pengantar II 

Statistika Deskriptif

Manajemen SDM

Praktik Komputer (Database)

English for Business

3rd Semester

Pendidikan Agama

Pendidikan Pancasila

Praktik Bisnis Retail

Etika Bisnis

Manajemen Operasi

Praktik Riset Pemasaran

Praktik Strategi Pemasaran

Praktik Bauran Promosi

Praktik Komputer (Graphics Design)

4th Semester

Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan


Hukum Bisnis

Praktik Periklanan

Praktik Komunikasi Bisnis 

Praktik Pemasaran Jasa

Praktik MICE

Praktik Komunikasi Pemasaran

Praktik Penganggaran Perusahaan

English Conversation

Praktik Komunikasi Bisnis

Praktik Kepenyeliaan

5th Semester

Praktik Bauran Pemasaran

Praktik Penulisan Ilmiah

Praktik Salesmanship

Praktik Korespondensi Bisnis

Praktik Pengembangan Diri

Praktik Negosiasi Bisnis

Praktik Perilaku Konsumen

Praktik Komputer (E-Commerce)

Praktik Ekspor-Impor

TOEIC Preparation

Praktik Korespondensi Bisnis

Praktik Kewirausahaan

6th Semester

Magang Kerja dan Tugas Akhir

More information about compulsory courses, elective courses, and SKS can be found in academic handbook.

Course detail

Our curriculum is consists of 38,74% theoretical class and 61,26% practice. This is due to Marketing Management Diploma Program of FEB  curriculum is based on competency in marketing. Thus, our graduates will have excellent competency both in theoretical aspect and practical aspect.



The Head of Marketing Management Diploma Program

Drs. Heru Purnomo, MM

Email: drs.heru_purnomo@yahoo.co.id


Teaching and Learning



Competency examination are written test, oral test, performance test, or other assessments such as portfolio, presentation, assignments, paper, etc which suit the characteristic of Basic Competency (KD – Kompetensi Dasar) or Basic Competency Cluster (KKD – Kelompok Kompetensi Dasar).

Based on Competency Based Curriculum (KBK – Kurikulum Berbasis Kompetensi) compentency examinations should be held at least 4 times in a semester, which cover K1, K2, K3, and K4. Teacher of each courses has the authority to decide the schedule for the examination. The examination can be conducted until students are considered passed the course, as long as it has followed the academic rules.

Students are allowed to follow the examination if they attend the class for at least 50 percent of total scheduled class meeting for each courses in the semester.

Teaching Method

Students will get learning experiences based on Competency Based Curriculum. The Diploma in Marketing Management Program of FEB has a curriculum that more focussed on practice class compared to theoretical class. This is due to give the students the capability in practical marketing. Therefore, our program has graduates that have high competency in marketing either in theoretical section or in practice.

Each student will get a module when taking practice classes. This module covers brief theory, exercises, and assignments for each courses. Besides that, theoretical class is conducted in several methods such as class tutorial, and presentation. In the end of program, students are obliged to do an internship for at least 2 months and write a report in the form of Diploma Thesis. Internship aims to introduce student to workplace in the real situation. Student’s internship is managed by Internship and Career Development (ICD).

As a support, e-learning can be used by students as well as teachers. E-learning can be used to distribute the course materials, assignments, and written examination.



Job Opportunities

There are many job opportunities for our graduates. Our graduates have high competency to work in several institution such as State-Owned Entreprises (BUMN – Badan Usaha Milik Negara), Civil Servants (PNS – Pegawai Negeri Sipil), private companies, retailing, banking sector, educational institution, as well as government offices. The appropriate position include Salesman Supervisor, Administration Officer, Sales Staff, Account Officer, Bank Deskman, Customer Service, Cashier and many other.



The Faculty of Economic and Business (FEB) UNS provides support for its students in preparing their graduation through Internship and Career Development (ICD). The ICD of FEB UNS provides information about career job opportunities, and skill development. ICD also responsible to manages students internship program, work recruitment, training and skill development, database, as well as career development. ICD also encourages students to prepare required skill in the workplace.