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The contribution of trading sector (especially export and import) toward national economic is quite significant. Therefore the government always give special attention to develop this sector. The development in trading sector for each every year will need a high quality and competitive human resource.

The Diploma in Trade Management Program of FEB feels the urgency to contribute in the preparation of competitive human resource. Our program is one of few program offered in Indonesia, as there is not much university that provide Diploma Program which focussed on international sales management.

This program will provides in-depth understanding about export and import trading, international service management, and international finance for every students. These will also include logistic management, international transportation, as well as custom management.

Below are the excellence of The Diploma in Trade Management Program :

  • Fresh graduate employment waiting time is less than 3 months.
  • Our alumni can get an appropriate work placement.
  • Our program has built cooperation with several cooperation both local, national, as well as international.
  • Students are often recruited by the company during their internship program.


Our vision in to be the centre of vocational school in Trade Management sector especially in professional, independent, and competitive export and import in 2015. Our missions are:

  1. Deliver excellent diploma graduates with outstanding theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge in Sales Management, especially in export and import, that capable to build new business as well as provide excellent performance in the workplace.
  2. Develop better researches quality in the international trade field and present it internationally.

Conduct community services based on economic development through trades, by engage in cooperation with government and industrial community.


Course Facts


6 Semesters (3 years)


90 students

Total of last year applicants (2012)

xxx applicant

Course start at


Title achieved

Ahli Madya (AMd)

About Us



International trade has different characteristic with local or national trades, thus, this field needs excellent human resource who understand each part of it. We provide knowledge for the student that is in accordance with the condition of international market and international trade.

Our alumni have high competitiveness in the marketplace. This is due to the facts that our program is one of few program offered in Indonesia, as there is not much university that provide Diploma Program which focussed on international sales management. Compared to the demand of skilled labour in international sales management that keep growing.


1st Semester


Ekonomi Mikro Pengantar

Bahasa Inggris

Ilmu Kealaman Dasar

Ekonomi Internasional

Pengantar Ekspor-Impor

Akuntansi Pengantar

Pendidikan Agama

2nd Semester

Bisnis Pengantar

Etika Bisnis

Ekonomi Makro Pengantar

Praktik Komunikasi Bisnis

Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi


Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan

Teknik Perdagangan Internasional

Hukum Bisnis

3rd Semester



Akuntansi Pengantar 2

Statistik Diskriptif

Pemasaran Ekspor-Impor

Keamanan dan Keselamatan Kerja

Pasar Modal

Praktek Komputer  (e-Commerce )

4th Smester

Praktik Bahasa Inggris IV (Negotiation & Business Corespondency)

Praktik Komputer IV

Praktik ISO 9001/1400 & Stadarisasi Produk Perdagangan

Praktik Bisnis Kepariwisataan (Tourism)

Praktik Analisis Laporan Keuangan 


Praktik Manajemen Pemasaran Ekspor-Impor

Praktik Simulasi Keuangan Internasional II (Valas)

Praktik Sistem Pembayaran Internasional

5th Semester

Praktik Simulasi Ekspor Impor

Praktik Tata Laksana Kepabeanan

Praktik Studi Kelayakan Usaha Perdagangan

Praktik Negosiasi & Kontrak Perdagangan

Praktik Costing & Pricing 

Praktik Tehnik Penulisan Ilmiah (Tugas Akhir)

Seminar Perdagangan Ekspor Impor

Seminar Keuangan Internasional

Praktik Kewirausahaan Dagang

Bank dan Lembaga Keuangan Praktik K3 (Keamanan, dan Keselamatan Kerja)

6th Semester

Magang Kerja dan Tugas Akhir


More information about compulsory courses, elective courses, and SKS can be found in academic handbook.



The curriculum offered is based on the ideas of many parties who is related with sales management field. Those parties are international trade practitioners, lecturer, students, as well as policy makers in the international trade field. The Sales Management Diploma Program of FEB focussed on international trade (export and import).

For 6 semesters, students will learn gradually about international trading management.

First year (1st and 2nd semester)

During the first year, the students will get some courses to build their ethics and basic knowledge in economic. Students will also be introduced to management, scientific writing rules, as well as foreign language (English and Mandarin).

Second Year (3rd and 4th Semester)

In their second year, the students will extend their ability in the trading language. During this period, the students will began to get the main course, they will follow several classes about trading, export and import, international service management, and international finance.

Third Year (5th and 6th Semester)

In the third year, students will comprehend their knowledge in several section such as international marketing, the relation between banking sector and international trade, and customs. This period is the last part of students study before they are graduates. As the last assignment, the students should take an internship for at least 2 months and write a report about the internship as their Diploma Thesis.

Teaching and Learning



Students are considered competent if they earn A or B as their final score. Students competency could be assessed from several aspects such as presentation, assignment completion, liveliness, ethics, essay/paper writing (either individually or in team), as well as written test. To strengthen the national cultural value, the students will also be assessed by their ethics. Teacher who also serves as academic advisor will always guide the students in order to gain the optimum academic performance.

In the beginning of the class students will get syllabus, which contains course materials and assessments method. In the end of the course student will get the assessment result

Teaching Method

The Diploma Program Students will get more learning experience from practicum and simulation. Other than that, the students will also get other learning experiences from different methods such as theoretical class, tutorial, independent learning, group study, and internship.

To get the optimum result, students are expected to actively develop their competence through lecturing, discussion, presentation, assignment completion, and paper writing. In the tutorial class, students will be focused on discussing and analysing the assignment given by the teacher. Group study is intended to help students in developing their ability to communicate and work together as a team. Internship is compulsory for the final year student. The internship aims to introduce the students to the workplace conditions.

At the end of their study, students have to write a report on their internship which also serves as their diploma thesis. The diploma thesis will be presented in the presence of two examiners before the student is considered pass.



Job Opportunities

Our graduates are capable of being an entrepreneur as some of them are successful in developing their own business with their knowledge in international trade. Some of our best graduates, now, are working for famous companies such as Samsung and JVC. Our graduates have a great job opportunities in shipping company, expedition, as well as banking sector.



Career development planning for the student is started since the beginning of the course. The Faculty of Economic and Business (FEB) had establish an Internship Career Development (ICD). ICD is in charge to conduct Diploma and Undergraduate student’s internship program. ICD also conduct some career development programs for undergraduate and diploma students such as skill development training, database, and career development.

To develop student’s career and skill, ICD has conduct a Pre Job Training for students. Students will be trained to create an application letter, CV, as well as work interview simulation. Furthermore, students will follow an Achievement Motivation Training (AMT) which aims to shape student’s characters and improve soft skills. Business Motivation Training (BMT) is also provided for the students. BMT aims to establish the students’ entrepreneurial spirit.

A good connection between students and alumni is an important support that can help students to get good job. To maintain communication between students and alumni, FEB has conduct Alumni and Graduate Gathering (AGG). AGG represent FEB responsibility in providing support for the fresh graduate to get the best workplace. AGG will help the fresh graduate to meet up with other alumni who had lots of experience and are considered success. Thus, there will be an information exchange which will create useful community. Another programs that related to alumni is alumni reunion. This program aims to strengthen the relationship between alumni and FEB.