Accounting Profession Program



Accounting education enters a new era where the title of professional accountant only granted to those who have pursued the accountant profession education program. This regulation is based on the Decree of National Education Minister Number 179/U/2001 (SK Menteri Pendidikan Nasional No. 179/U/2001). Therefore, the role of an Accountant Profession Education Program is not limited to an educational institution but also a professional skills development centre. Moreover, our program also acts as a competency-sharing institution for prospective accountants.

Our program is supported by dedicated lecturer both academician and practitioner with high competency. PPA UNS has been cooperated with many institution such as government agencies, Public Accountant, Supreme Audit Agency of Indonesia (BPK), and many management consultants in Solo.


To be one of Accounting Profession Program that excels in National level


Enhance the quality of accounting profession education to support national development by promoting an independent academic process that is supported by information technology and upholding ethics.


PPA UNS offers an educational program with sufficient facility:

  • Class room with audiovisual system.
  • Library
  • Accounting Studies Laboratory.
  • Decent Accounting Software
  • Computer and Internet Centre, as well as free hotspot area.


Universitas Sebelas Maret get the permission to conduct an Accountant Profession Education Program (Program Pendidikan Profesi Akuntansi - PPA) based on the SK No.2274/D/T/2003 that is currently accredited B.

Our program is one of the first ten accounting profession education program that get the permission from the Directorate General of Higher Education to conduct such program in Indonesia. In 2009 PPA of FEB UNS earns the permission from Directorate General of Higher Education to continue its program after passing the assessment process and a visitation by the Committee of Evaluation and Recommendation in Accounting Profession Education in 2008.


Our alumni can work in various accountant professions such as: Managerial Accountant, Internal Audit, Indonesia Supreme Audit Agency Auditor, Public Accountant, and Tax Advisor.


Muhammad Syafiqurrahman (08121541828)/Adi Nugroho (081802555535)

Office: Kantor Pendidikan Profesi Akuntansi, Room 4.05, 4th Building, Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis, UNS, Jl. Ir. Sutami 36 A Surakarta; Telp/Fax. (0271) 639404, website: