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Profil Program
Profil Program




Our undergraduate program of management provides comprehensive knowledge about business world and entrepreneurship. We always try to fulfill the demands from business world by adapting our curriculum with current needs. This step is taken to narrow the gap between education and working world. From the result of our last survey, we found that our graduates only need 3.02 months to get their first job. This fact proves that our graduates do not find difficulty in getting their first job.


1st Semester

Indonesian Language

Business Introduction


Organization Behavior

Business Mathematics

Introduction to Macro Economics

Introduction to Accounting I

2nd Semester

Religion Education


Business Communication

Descriptive Statistics

Business Law

Introduction to Micro Economics

Introduction to Accounting II

3rd Semester


Financial Management I

Marketing Management I

Human Resources Management I

Operation Management I

Inductive Statistics

Cost Accounting

General Elective Course 1

4th Semester


Research Methods in Management

Financial Management II

Marketing Management II

Human Resources Management II

Operation Management II

Management Information System

General Elective Course 2

5th Semester

Corporate Budgeting

Strategic Management

Operation Research

Managerial Economics

Business Feasibility Study



Concentration Elective Course 1

Concentration Elective Course 2

6th Semester

Management Practice I (Statistics)

Management Practice II (Finance)

Management Practice III (Quantitative)

Management for Cooperation and Small Medium Enterprises

Banking Management

Indonesia Economy

Community Service Program

Concentration Elective Course 3


Lab Grameen Bank

Lab Sharia Banking

7th Semester

Basic Natural Science

Civic Education

Managerial Simulation

Proposal Seminar

Pre Job Training

8th Semester

Undergraduate Thesis

General Elective Course 3

Pelatihan Simulasi Perbankan

Further information on required and optional subjects and credit can be accessed on academic handbook.



In fostering to be the best undergraduate program in management, we conduct periodic adjustment on our curriculum to ensure the interrelation of the learning materials with the development in business world. The evaluation of curriculum is performed by considering the insight from all related parties in higher education, including alumni, employers, students, and teachers. Our curriculum has consider the current development from global and regional business world.

To ensure that our students will finish their study at the predetermined period, we provide an academic consultant for each student. The purpose of the academic consultant is to direct our students to achieve optimum academic performance.

First Year (First and Second Semester)

In their first year, students will receive basic knowledge on management, accounting, and economics, together with statistic, introduction to business, and religious education according to their religiousity.

Second Year (Third and Fourth Semester)

In their second year, students will get further information on managements together with business communication, and research methodology. Start from this year, students will be able to decide the subjects they want to take.

Third Year (Fifth and Sixth Semester)

In the third year, students will get to the depth of management study with special concentration on various optional subjects. The seminar course is provided to deepen their knowledge on research in management according to their concentration.

Fourth Year (Seventh and Eighth Semester)

In their fourth year of study, our students will take their thesis. The other courses that student have to take in this year are the managerial simulation practice, internship, and Indonesia Economy. Through internship, students will be introduced to the real business world.

Besides studying activities, during their study students will get various extracurricular activities to develop their interpersonal skill such as Achievement Motivation Training, Business Motivation Training, training of management softwares, and pre-job training.


The Head of Undergraduate Program on Management

Reza Rahardian, SE, M.Si

e-mail: rezarahardian@yahoo.com


Dynamic Faculty


Teaching and learning activities of the program is supported with following facilities:

  1. Classrooms supported by adequate information and communication technology
  2. Computer lab to support the courses of management practices
  3. Partnership with industries to support the course of managerial simulation
  4. Sharia Banking Laboratory
  5. Grameen Bank Laboratory
  6. Capital Markets Laboratory (Gallery Investment)
  7. Achievement Motivation Training to enhance students’ soft skills



Graduates of this program are expected to be potential manager, business consultant, entrepreneurs, and bureaucrats. The prospective career of the graduates of this programs are as follows:

  1. Management staffs or management trainee in profit and non-profit organization
  2. Civil servant
  3. Account officer, teller, financial/risk analyst, personal banking officer, relationship manager in financial institutions (bank and non-bank)
  4. Sales/marketing executive, supervisor/ manager assistant in manufacture, service or retail companies
  5. Business consultant
  6. Entrepreneurs
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Graduates of undergraduate program in management of FEB UNS has position in private and public institutions such as ministry of finance, supreme audit council, financial service authority, banks, state-owned enterprises, large private firms in Indonesia and multinational companies.




Industry Partnership: National Land Agency, Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation, Indonesia Financial Service Authority, Bank Indonesia, PT. Bank Mandiri, PT. Bank BNI, PT. Angkasa Pura, PT. Bank BTN, PT. Sinar Sosro, PT. Bank Danamon, JNE, PT. Telkomsel, Azana Hotel Group, ADIS Group

International Partnership: Purdue University USA, University of Twente Netherlands, University of Limoges France, University of Portsmouth UK, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology Taiwan and Universiti Malaysia Sarawak