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The master program on management is a program on magister degree that was opened in 1999 in UNS. This program focuses on education and teaching of management as well as conducting theoretical and practical research on management field. Currently, the master program on management has conducting cooperation with La Rochelle University in France to provide double degree program which has started in 2008. Besides that, our program has opened new focus study on sharia management.


Become Master on Management program that excel at national and international level in 2015.


  • Conduct a high quality and professional education and teaching I management to create reliable graduates with global knowledge.
  • Conduct research in management that can contribute to the development of knowledge and business problem solution. 
  • Conduct community service activities that will support the development of business field.


Tentang Kami



The following are our excellence in the program:

  • Teaching staff with high qualification
  • Accredited A from national accreditation institution
  • Reputable in national level
  • Career development support
  • Best facility and infrastructure
  • Information technology and wireless network support
  • Affordable tuition cost
  • Conducive environment
  • International cooperation through double degree program


During their study in the Master on Management Program, students are expected to finish their study in the predetermined period. To achieve it, student’s academic activities should be fit with the program determined.

1st Semester

Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia

Manajemen Pemasaran

Metoda Kuantitatif

Manajemen Keuangan

Metode Penelitian Bisnis

2nd Semester

Analisis Lingkungan Bisnis

Sistem Pengendalian Manajemen

Sistem Informasi Manajemen

Manajemen Strategik

Mata Kuliah Minat 1

3rd Semester

Perilaku Organisasi

Mata Kuliah Minat 2

Seminar Proposal Tesis


4th Semester


Double Degree Program

In the double degree program students will have the first and second semester in Indonesia, while the third and fourth semester are conducted in France.


Director of Magister on Management Program

Asri Laksmi Riani, Prof., Dr., MS


Belajar & Mengajar


Teaching and Learning

Students can choose one from four classes provided by the Master on Management program: morning regular class, night regular class, night regular class II, special class, and double degree class. For each class the minimum number of enrolled students is 10 people, while for special class and double degree the minimum number will be arranges separately. The schedule for each class is as follows:

  • Morning Regular Class I: Monday-Thursday 09.45–15.15 WIB
  • Regular Class II: Friday 18.30–21.00 WIB
  • Special Class: The schedule will be determined separately. Special class is provided for they who have collective registration.

The learning process is conducted using Semester Credit System (SKS). In this system, student learning burden and teaching burden for teacher is stated in semester credit. One SKS consists of 16 in class meets and each meet is equivalent to fifty minutes. In class meeting includes:

  1. Courses (lecture, discussion of learning materials/case, etc)
  2. Examination (mid semester and final examination)

The course load that needs to be taken and finished by students during their study is 42 credit that consist of 30 credits of core courses, 6 credits of alternative courses, and 6 credits of thesis.

In finishing their education, students are required to complete final assignment in the form of thesis completion. Thesis is the final result of a series of researches conducted by students, together with its analysis, conclusion, and suggestion. To assists thesis completion, students are required to take Thesis Proposal Seminar, which is a part of thesis completion progress. The seminar is aimed to provide direction for students in arranging thesis proposal.


The assessment is conducted to evaluate education process that students experienced. The test consists of mid semester, final exams, and thesis examination. The final test is performed to evaluate students’ ability to receive the learning materials given during the semester. The thesis examination is conducted after students complete their thesis and fulfill all requirements to take the examination. The final score for thesis is the sum of thesis score, ability to defend their thesis, and ability to express their opinion, as well as their activeness in consulting with their consultant.

For complete information on assessment and examination method check the academic handbook.



Job Opportunity

The Master on Management program will equip you with managerial skills and wide knowledge on business field before you are graduated as a Master on Management. Our graduates are expected to be able to develop their self and face the dynamic and strict competition in business world.

Our graduates have wide opportunities to work in various sectors.




Career development planning for the student is started since the beginning of the course. The Faculty of Economic and Business (FEB) had establish an Internship Career Development (ICD). ICD is in charge to conduct Diploma and Undergraduate student’s internship program. ICD also conduct some career development programs for undergraduate and diploma students such as skill development training, database, and career development.

To develop student’s career and skill, ICD has conduct a Pre Job Training for students. Students will be trained to create an application letter, CV, as well as work interview simulation. Furthermore, students will follow an Achievement Motivation Training (AMT) which aims to shape student’s characters and improve soft skills. Business Motivation Training (BMT) is also provided for the students. BMT aims to establish the students’ entrepreneurial spirit.

A good connection between students and alumni is an important support that can help students to get good job. To maintain communication between students and alumni, FEB has conduct Alumni and Graduate Gathering (AGG). AGG represent FEB responsibility in providing support for the fresh graduate to get the best workplace. AGG will help the fresh graduate to meet up with other alumni who had lots of experience and are considered success. Thus, there will be an information exchange which will create useful community. Another programs that related to alumni is alumni reunion. This program aims to strengthen the relationship between alumni and FEB.