Magister Ekonomi Studi Pembangunan (MESP)

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The Master on Economic program is one of master programs managed by FEB UNS under the coordination of Graduate program on UNS. We are accredited with B rate (good) from National University Accreditation Board.

The purposes that the Master on Economic program is to generate graduates who are able to analyze and anticipate the economic and business dynamic with following specialization:

1). Regional Planning and Regional Finance,

2). Banking and Finance Economic and Central Banking,

3). Agriculture and Agribusiness Economic, and

4). Human Resource Economic and Development.


Become a Master on Economic Program that excel in national and international level.


1). Conduct high quality education and teaching on economic to generate reliable graduates.

2). Conduct scientific and applicable research as well as innovative works in economic that will contribute on the development of knowledge and solving problem in the community.

3). Conduct high quality community service activities which is oriented in the effort to empower the community.

4). Conduct the cooperation with various parties in education, research, and community service to provide optimum benefit to stakeholders.


Tentang Kami



  1. The Master on Economic program is designed using semester system, students can finish their study in less than 2 years (18-19 months).
  2. Affordable tuition fee.
  3. The Master on Economic program has high qualification and competent teachers.
  4. Our students can utilize various services: university and faculty library, computer and multimedia laboratory, competency laboratory, and language center.
  5. Build a conducive work culture and climate to develop flexible, democratic, responsive, adaptive, transparent, and accountable, with brotherhood spirit team work.
  6. Concentration options to match the demands and needs of stakeholders.


1st Semester
2nd Semester
3rd Semester
4th Semester


Director of Magister on Economic Program

Evi Gravitiani, Dr., S.E, M.Si


Belajar & Mengajar


Teaching and Learning

During the in-class lecture, course material is presented by a lecturer routinely based on a specified schedule. Assessment is carried out by a written test and structured assignments. Structured assignments are comprised of paper writing, case study discussion, or task completion.

The conference class is mainly comprised of discussion between the students and teacher about an article. This method is specified on student’s major study. The students will encouraged to write a scientific paper during this course.

The independent study is a method that is focused on an individual discussion between a student with his/her supervisor. The discussed material is a material that is approved by the supervisor. Students will encouraged to write or design a research for their dissertation.


Learning in higher education, especially in graduate degree demands students for critical and independent thinking, to able to conduct scientific discussion, and work in team, that is known as Student Centered Learning Model (SCL), thus the balance in hard skill and soft skill can be gained.

In each course, students will be assessed based on various aspects depends on the courses taken. The aspects may include assignments, presentation, paper/essay (individual or in group setting), and written test. To strengthen the noble values of the nation, students will be assessed from their ethics as well. Teachers as academic consultant will always direct their students to achieve highest academic performance.

On their early day of study, students will get syllabus about their courses material and assessment system. Students are graduated after they finish 42 credits, including thesis completion.



Job Opportunity

The prospect for our program graduates are: in various government and state instance (BPK, Bappenas), Bank Indonesia, University, Research Center, expert staff, economic analyst, planner, researcher, and many other. Our graduates can also work in private or public sector, especially in banking and other financial institutions.




Our students are mostly come from local government, private company, state owned company, and individual. For students that freshly graduated from undergraduate degree and enter the Master on Economic program, they will have various job choices after graduated from our program.