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Master Program of Accounting (MAKSI) of Faculty of Economic and Business (FEB) Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) has been cooperate with various parties in conducting a high quality program. Many of them also providing scholarship such as STAR-SDP scholarship (2007), Beasiswa Unggulan BKLN-DIKTI, BPPS Scholarship, Beasiswa Unggulan for high school teacher, and Beasiswa Institusi (Institution Scholarship). Moreover, our program has been developing Duoble Degree with many International University such as Curtin University in Australia. Further, we seek to develop this cooperation in research and staff development.

Our Vision

To be a Master Program in accounting that excel at national and international level

Our Mission:

1). Conducting qualified education in accounting, which foocussed on student’s independence and teacher’s self-development, in acquiring the knowledge, skills and develop attitudes to uphold ethics.

(2). Conducting scientific and applied research in accounting and increase the publication in national and international journal.

(3). Conducting community service that is oriented on the community, business sector, and governmental empowerment, especially in accounting.

Our Purpose:

(1). Deliver accounting graduates that is capable to mastered, to implement, to develop, and solve the problems that is arises in accounting field, which is supported by other related areas both for business organization and non-business organization. With intense focus on ethics and ability to communicate with the environment.

(2). Conduct a high quality researches in accounting field that contribute to public and private sector.

(3). Conduct a community service program that can develop the cooperation between academician, society, practitioner, and government.

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Master Program of Accounting provides an opportunity for accountant practitioners in governmental sector (either in regional government agency and National Government Department) and education institution to develop their competencies. In our program, students will be able to enhance their knowledge in public sector accounting, financial accounting, managerial accounting, and auditing, depends on their personal interest.

As a participation in national issues, especially in education field, Indonesian Government strive to improve the education level for its public servant. Most of the governmental staffs are now encouraged to have master degree. Therefore, the Master Program of Accouting FEB UNS gives an opportunity to high school teachers to develop their competencies in Financial Accounting, Public Sector Accounting, Managerial Accounting, and Governmental Accounting.

For those who choose to expand their knowledge in public sector accounting, we provide more course material that can encourage the establishment of accountable, trasparent, and ethical organization. The students of our program are encouraged to possess competencies in financial accounting, managerial accounting, and auditing.

In the financial accounting sector we have to face a condition where the quality of global financial accounting is countinously improved. Moreover, locally, the managerial accounting facing other constraint in term of information technology advancement especially in managerial information system within an organization.

In term of auditing, we help our students to deepen their knowledge on auditing, states finance audit, business ethic, and accountant profesion.


1st Semester

Managerial Accounting


Business Ethic and Accountant Profession

Finance Management

2nd Semester

Theoretical Statistic

Statistic for Quantitative Data Analysis

Research Method for Accounting and Business

Management Control System

3rd Semester

Elective Courses

4th Semester



Director of Magister on Accounting Program:

Payamta, Dr., M.Si, Ak, CPA


Belajar & Mengajar


Teaching and Learning

During the in-class lecture, course material is presented by a lecturer routinely based on a specified schedule. Assessment is carried out by a written test and structured assignments. Structured assignments are comprised of paper writing, case study discussion, or task completion.

The conference class is mainly comprised of discussion between the students and teacher about an article. This method is specified on student’s major study. The students will encouraged to write a scientific paper during this course.

The independent study is a method that is focused on an individual discussion between a student with his/her supervisor. The discussed material is a material that is approved by the supervisor. Students will encouraged to write or design a research for their dissertation.


In each class, students will be assessed from several aspects, which is depending on the class that being taken. The aspects are assignment completion, presentation, paper or essay writing (individually or in team), and written test. Other than that, students will also be assessed from their ethics. Lecturer or teacher, as academic advisor will always guide the students to earn the best score and the best achievement.

In the beginning of course, students will get syllabus that contain course material, and assessment process in the course.



Career Opportunity

Our graduates has been working in many institution either in public sector and private sector such as Chevron Energy, and Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan (BPK).




To support the carrier development, Faculty of Economic and Business (FEB) had established The Internship and Career Development Center (ICD). ICD is in charge to conduct Diploma and Undergraduate student’s internship program, recruitment program, training and development program, database, and career development. To develop student’s skills and careers, ICD conduct a Pre Job Training for students. Students will be trained to create an application letter, CV, as well as work interview simulation. Furthermore, students will follow an Achievement Motivation Training (AMT) which aims to shape student’s characters and improve soft skills. Business Motivation Training (BMT) is also provided for the students. BMT aims to establish the students’ entrepreneurial spirit.

The Faculty of Economic and Business had built an alumni lounge. This lounge can be a meeting place between the alumni and the faculty members as well as for alumni and other alumni.

For each year, FEB UNS conducted an Alumni and Graduate Gathering (AGG). AGG is designed to provide additional support for our fresh graduate. Through AGG our fresh graduates can meet with other alumni who has already work at various institution and have been succeed in their career. During the gathering they can learn and exchange important information, thus creating huge community between the fresh graduates and the alumni. Another program that is conducted by out faculty is alumni gathering. This program aims to strengthen then relationship between alumni.