Pendidikan Doktor Ilmu Ekonomi

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Program Doktor Ilmu Ekonomi Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Sebelas Maret (PDIE FE-UNS – Doctorate Program in Economic Studies of Faculty of Economic and Business Universitas Sebelas Maret) established in July 7th of 2008 based on SK Direktorat Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi Nomor 2088/D/T/2008 (Directorate General of Higher Education Decree No 2088/D/T/2008).

Our objective is to deliver reliable human resource especially in research field of economics, management, and accounting. Our graduates are expected to be innovator at their workplace, qualified in academically, have a holistic and broad knowledge, can adapt to cultural change, and act actively in the society.

We are committed to develop inovation in business, governmental and public sector trhough education and research. Our researches are focussed on real problem, thus it can provides applicable solution, which is useful for society, government, as well as business sector. Research that is based on the real life problem will give a huge contribution to the environment. Moreover, it will strengthen collective objective achievements within many sectors (academic, business, and other stakeholders).

PDIE FE-UNS is designed to strengthen the leadership capability academically, indpendently, creatively, and innovatively in various researches. We prepare our graduates to be a professional and qualified doctor.


Our Vission

To be a doctorate program with national and international excellence in 2017.


Our mission

  • Conduct high quality education program in the economic, management, and accounting.
  • Conducting scientific research and dissemintae the result

Conducting high quality community service with community empowerment oriented

Tentang Kami



  • Qualified staffs and teachers
  • Support from career development program
  • Affordable tuition cost


1st Semester

Filsafat Ilmu

Ekonomi Terapan

Ekonometrika dan Multivariate

Metodologi Penelitian


2nd Semester

Lingkungan Bisnis

Mata Kuliah Konsenterasi

Mata Kuliah Konsenterasi

Independent Study

3rd Semester

Research Project

Ujian Pra Proposal

4th Semester

Seminar Proposal

Ujian Proposal

5th Semester

Presentasi Kemajuan


6th Semester

Ujian Akhir Disertasi


Director of Doctorate Program on Economic

Tulus Haryono, Prof., Dr., M.Ek


Belajar & Mengajar


There are three learning methods that are applied in PDIE FEB UNS namely in-class lecture, conference class, and independent study.

During the in-class lecture, course material is presented by a lecturer routinely based on a specified schedule. Assesment is carried out by a written test and structured assignments. Stuctured assignments are comprised of paper writing, case study discussion, or task completion.

The conference class is mainly comprised of discussion between the students and teacher about an article. This method is specified on student’s major study. The students will encouraged to write a scientific paper during this course.

The indpendent study is a method that is focussed on an individual discussion between a student with his/her supervisor. The discussed material is a material that is approved by the supervisor. Students will encouraged to write or design a research for their dissertation.



Career Opportunity

Our graduates has been working in many institution either in public sector and private sector. 



To support the carrier development, Faculty of Economic and Business (FEB) had established The Internship and Career Development Center (ICD). ICD is in charge to conduct Diploma and Undergraduate student’s internship program, recruitment program, training and development program, database, and career development. To develop student’s skills and careers, ICD conduct a Pre Job Training for students. Students will be trained to create an application letter, CV, as well as work interview simulation. Furthermore, students will follow an Achievement Motivation Training (AMT) which aims to shape student’s characters and improve soft skills. Business Motivation Training (BMT) is also provided for the students. BMT aims to establish the students’ entrepreneurial spirit.

The Faculty of Economic and Business had built an alumni lounge. This lounge can be a meeting place between the alumni and the faculty members as well as for alumni and other alumni.

For each year, FEB UNS conducted an Alumni and Graduate Gathering (AGG). AGG is designed to provide additional support for our fresh graduate. Through AGG our fresh graduates can meet with other alumni who has already work at various institution and have been succeed in their career. During the gathering they can learn and exchange important information, thus creating huge community between the fresh graduates and the alumni. Another program that is conducted by out faculty is alumni gathering. This program aims to strengthen then relationship between alumni.