D3 Keuangan Perbankan

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"Dunia perbankan selalu menjadi salah satu alternatif jenjang karier yang menggiurkan" 

The banking world always becomes an alternative for a promising career. The job seekers always have a high interest in the opportunity offered by international banks, state owned banks, private banks, BPR, and cooperatives, with no exception in technical parts in this fields. The reasons for working in this field started from its prestige up to the income which become the main reason.

Departing from the background, we established. We are one of course program that focuses in providing our students with knowledge and skill for working in banking field. We teach credit analysis, financial institution marketing, high quality customer service, and deeper knowledge on banking and finance .

Following are the list of our excellences:

  • Transition time to get employed after graduated is less than three months.
  • Our graduates have succeeded in baking field both in local scale and national scale.
  • A mini-bank as a lab for practicing is provided by our program to assist learning process and simulation.
  • We have made collaboration with national banks such as BNI and BTN.

We have a vision to become an excellent learning center in finance and banking field that can establish professional and skillful graduates in the finance and banking field. Our missions are:

  1. Creates graduates who have adequate theoretical and practical knowledge in finance and banking field, especially in micro-finance institution, who are ready to enter work place and create employment opportunities.
  2. Develop a high quality learning and teaching process by integrating knowledge from academicians and practitioners’ experience in finance and banking field in order to improve our graduates’ competency.
  3. Develop a high quality and wide networking in order to facilitate our graduates in finding career path.

Courses Facts


6 Semester (3 tahun)


90 students

The number of applicants in previous admission (2012)

713 applicants

Start date of academic activity


Achieved degree

Ahli Madya (AMd)

Tentang Kami



In everyday activities, human always conduct economic transactions, both in cash and in credit. The main motif for conducting economic activity is to gain profit. In relation with profit, then they tend to make saving from their income. In order to support the transaction activities both in cash and credit including their saving activity, a banking system is needed.

Diploma Program of Banking and Finance teach students to become a part of people who run banking industry and serve the community. A comprehensive capability in banking industry makes our graduates possess a priority to work in financial institution and banking institution. If students want to have financial ability, by studying in our program they can open their own financial institution such as BPR or Cooperative.



The complete information about courses and SKS can be seen in academic guidebook.

1st Semester

Ilmu Kealaman Dasar

Bahasa Inggris (EAP)

Pendidikan Pancasila

Bisnis Pengantar

Bank dan Lembaga Keuangan

Matematika I

Ekonomi Mikro Pengantar

Akuntansi Pengantar I

2nd Semester

Statistik Deskriptif

Ekonomi Makro Pengantar

Praktik Komputer Perbankan

Praktik Komunikasi Bisnis


Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan

Ekonomi Internasional

Usaha Mikro Kecil dan Menengah

Praktik Etika dan Pelayanan Prima

3rd Semester

Praktik SDM Lembaga Keuangan

Perekonomian Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia (Penyusunan Laporan)

Akuntansi Pengantar II

Ekonomi Koperasi

Praktik Personal Branding

Praktik Pemasaran Lembaga Keuangan

4th Semester

Bank dan Lembaga Keuangan Syariah

Praktik Akuntansi Perbankan

Praktik Manajemen Resiko

Praktik Resiko Kredit

Evaluasi Proyek

Praktik Transaksi Perbankan Internasional

Praktik Pengukuran Kinerja Bank

Ekonomi Moneter

Pendidikan Agama

5th Semester

Praktik Minibank Konvensional

Praktik Analisis Laporan Keuangan

Praktik Minibank Syariah

Praktik Indikator Kesehatan Bank

Praktik Penilaian Properti

Ekonomi  Pembangunan

Praktik Pasar Modal dan Pasar Keuangan


Aspek Legal Lembaga Keuangan

6th Semester

Magang Kerja dan Tugas Akhir


Banking industry is changing dynamically from time to time. The learning process in our program is also adjusted with the changes that happen. Curriculum adjustment is always based on market need. Thus, we always embrace practitioners from banking industry to provide input on important matters and special skill needed as practitioners in modern banking industry.

During 6 semesters, students will gradually learn about banking industry condition.

First Year (Semester 1 and 2)

In the first semester, learning process is arranged to build ethics and basic knowledge of economics. We also introduce our students to the national economic and monetary condition. English proficiency becomes a part of competence that we add in the first year.

Second Year (Semester 3 and 4)

In this period, students start to deepen their knowledge in the main part of our program. Students learn all courses needed by banking industry, among others: pengetahuan mengenai pemasaran lembaga keuangan, knowledge and skills to be a good bank employees, analysis on lending, knowledge on banking transaction and foreign exchange, and types of financial institutions.

Third Year (Semester 5 and 6)

In the third year, students will deepen their knowledge through practicum courses. Students learn to apply the knowledge they have by performing simulation in mini-bank lab. This period is the final step in students overall learning process. As the final step before students are graduated from our program, students have to take internship program for approximately 2 months and write a report of their internship program. As the follow ups, students have to compose a final assignment paper.

Belajar & Mengajar



Our syllabus contains teaching materials, teaching contract, and list of referrence books for the materials, the document will be handed to students in the beginning of semester. The teaching contract contains regulations in conducting lectures and is formulated and approved by both students and teachers. The document also contains the components and weight of each element in the final grade.

The regulation in academic grading is stipulated in Rector Decree. The components of grading consist of assignment completion, presentation, paper/essay assignment (both individual and in group), and written final test. In the Competency Based Curriculum (KBK) students’ ethiquette during the learning process is also included in the grading components. This in in line with the living value of eastern people who uphold ethics. Teachers as academic counselor will always guide their students to achieve their best academic performance.

Teaching Method

Just as in other Diploma program in Indonesia in general, our students will get learning experience in practicum or simulation. Student’s’ experience and knowledge will come from: in class theory, tutorial, independent learning, group activity, and internship.

During the learning program, students will also learn to develop their competencies through seminar, discussion, presentation, completion of assignment and paper assignment. In the in class tutorial, students are focused on discussing and analyzing the assignments from teachers. Group activity is aimed to assist students in developing their communication skill and work in a team. Learning process through internship is obligatory for students in the final semester. It is aimed to introduce students with real work place.

In the end of their learning program, students are required to complete a report of their internship activity. The internship report contains daily record of internship process that they experienced. Besides internship report, students have to complete a final assignment. The final assignment will be presented in front of two examiners before the students are graduated.



Job Opportunity

The jobs that suitable with our graduates knowledge are in financial institution and financilal institution of non-banking such as cooperative. Our graduates have succeded in working in Government owned Banks i.e. Bank Nasional Indonesia (BNI), Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), and BTN (Bank Tabungan Negara). However, our data shows that the bigger proportion of our graduates work in micro-financial institution, i.e. Bank Perkreditan Rakyat.



In supporting and developing the probability of graduates to be accepted in work place, we integrate our program with Internship Development Career (ICD) in faculty level. The predetermined career development program for undergraduate level is job recruitment training, skill development training, and database training.

Pre Job Training (PJT) program is designed to provide a training for students in the recruitment processes that they will experience after they are graduated from our program. Students are trained to write application letter, CV, and simulation of jow interview.

Students will also participate in Achievement Motivation Training (AMT) which is aimed to build students’ character and develop students’ soft skill. Students will also participate in Business Motivation Training (BMT). BMT is aimed to build students’ entrepreneurship skill, thus our students are also prepared to work as entrepreneurs.

Our graduates’ success in finding suitable jobs is also influenced by the good relationship between our graduates and our alumni. In maintaining good relationship and communication among graduates, program studi, and alumni, our faculty creates Alumni and Graduate Gathering (AGG). AGG is a manifestation of our faculty’s responsibility in providing a provision for our graduates before they enter work place.

Diploma in Banking Finance program always provides special attention to the prospect of employment for our graduates. Because of that, we scheduled a meeting between our students and alumni in a periodical forum. The alumni that we invited are the alumni who have succeeded in their career or have a business that can employ our graduates.