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Accounting is essentially needed in every organization. Accounting is a “tool” and “language” in business. Every organization needs that “tool” and “language” to convey the information that is related with financial statement, budget, and costing. Therefore, the organization needs personnel in technical level who understand the accounting logic to prepare financial statement, starting from sorting the transaction until delivering financial statement. Besides that, a proper costing system is also needed, so that organization, both in private and public sector, can draw a proper decision.

Our program offers a comprehensive knowledge in order to prepare students in facing work environment in operational level and financial accounting, managerial accounting, audit, and public sector accounting.

Following are the excellence of our program:

  1. Transition time to get employed after graduated is less than three months
  2. High number of applicants
  3. The employer expresses high level of satisfaction in employing our graduates, 3 out of 4 maximum point in average (based on user satisfaction Survey of 2009)

The vision of our program is “Become an Excellent Diploma in Accounting Program in National and International level in 2020” while our missions are:

  1. Conduct high quality education and teaching in applied accounting field which demands teacher’s self development and students’ independence in obtaining knowledge, skills, attitudes, and understanding of social live norms.
  2. Conduct high quality research in applied accounting field that have advantages for business, government, and community, as well as disseminating the results of research in applied accounting field in national and international level.
  3. Conduct high quality of community service activities in applied accounting field which is oriented at community empowerment.

Courses Facts


6 Semester (3 years)


130 mahasiswa

The number of applicants in previous admission (2012)


Start date of academic activity


Achieved degree

Ahli Madya (A.Md)

Tentang Kami



Diploma in Accounting program will not only provide knowledge on accounting field, but also comprehensive knowledge on business world and public sector field. Our program also provide significant portion of courses in pratical knowledge in order to prepare our students in entering workplace. This becomes one of our excellences that is proved by the short transition time from education to workplace. Our data show that our graduate need less than three months to get their first job.



To achieve A.Md title, students have to finish 113 SKS that is divided into 6 semesters. Following is the list of courses for each semester:

1st Semester

Bahasa Inggris (EAP)

Ilmu Kealaman Dasar

Ekonomi Mikro Pengantar 

Bisnis Pengantar 

Akuntansi Pengantar I 



2nd Semester

Ekonomi Makro Pengantar

Akuntansi Pengantar II 

Statistika Deskriptif

Praktik Bahasa Inggris - English for Bussiness

Praktik Akuntansi Pengantar - Perusahaan Jasa Non Keuangan

Pengantar Perpajakan dan KUP

Praktik Akuntansi Pengantar - Perusahaan Dagang

Praktik Komputer Pengolah Kata dan data

3rd Semester

Pendidikan Agama

Praktik Bahasa Inggris - Conversation

Akuntansi Keuangan Menengah I 

Akuntansi Biaya

Akuntansi Sektor Publik

Sistem Informasi Akuntansi


Praktik Komunikasi Bisnis

Praktik Aplikasi Komputer Akuntansi 

4th Semester


Akuntansi Keuangan Menengah II 

Praktik Bahasa Inggris - Writing Report and Global Job Seeking

Pengauditan I

Praktik Akuntansi Keuangan Menengah 

Praktik Akuntansi Biaya 

Praktik Akuntansi Manajemen

Praktik Akuntansi Sektor Publik

Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan

Praktik SIA

5th Semester

Akuntansi Keuangan Lanjutan I

Bahasa Indonesia (Penyusunan Laporan)

Pengauditan II

Praktik Akuntansi Untuk Perusahaan Jasa Keuangan

Praktik Akuntansi Keuangan Lanjutan 

Praktik Perpajakan

Praktik Auditing

Analisis Laporan Keuangan

6th Semester

Magang Kerja dan Tugas Akhir

Further information on compulsory courses, alternative courses, and SKS can be found in our academic handbook



Our currilum is reviewed periodically to confirm the relation between work place and materials provided. The review is performed to adjust our materials to the trend of employers’ need, both in local and national level.

Academic Advisor is provided to guide our students in achieving their optimum academic performance.

First Year (Semester 1 and 2)

Students in the firat year will achieve basic knowledge in accounting and business field. Students will also achieve basic knowledge in English and statistic. The parctice in the Introduction to Financial Accounting will be performed in the first year.

Second Year (Semester 3 and 4)

In the second year, students will get in-depth materials in Intermediate Financial Accounting accompanied with other materials in audit, accounting information system, cost accounting, and public sector accounting fields. Students will also get specific courses such as the practice of cost accounting, the practice of intermediate financial accounting, and the practice of budgeting.

Third Year (Semester 5 and 6)

In the final year, students will deepen their knowledge in important topics in audit, financial statement analysis, and advance financial accounting field. In the final semester, students are required to participate in internship program and write their final assignment.

During the education program, students will get various extracurricular activities to optimize students’ soft skill, which among others are: Training in Banking, Training in Export-Import, Training in Auditor Assistance, and site visit to a company.



The Head of Diploma of Accounting Program

Drs. Agus Budiatmanto, M.Si., Ak

Email: agusbudiatmanto@yahoo.com

Belajar & Mengajar



Students will receive grade from various aspects depends on the subject that they take. Seminars, task completion, class activity, ethics, and paper/essay assignments (in individual task or group task)as well as final written test.

In their first year, students will receive a syllabus that contain lecture materials and grading method. The students of Diploma in Accounting will be graduated after finishing 113 SKS including the completion of Final Assignment which is developed based on students’ interest.

Further information on grading method can be in our Academic Handbook.

Learning Method

How students will get their lessons?

Students will follow lectures with two different concepts, theory and practice. In the theory class, students are encourage to understand basic knowledge that they will utilize in the workplace, especially knowledge in accounting. The class for theory is also become a basic for students before they can take practical class. The class for theory will be conducted using Student Centered Learning basis, in which students should be actively participate both in class discussion, seminar, and paper assignment. The class for practice is more focused in processing the modul and find solution for case study.

Students will take part in internship in their final semester. The internship is aimed to introduce the students witt professional work place as well as providing students with materials they need in the completion of Final Assignment.

In delivering the materials, teachers and students can utilize our e-learning service, hence not only classical media used in the learning activity. The e-learning is used to distribute the teaching materials, assignments, and administering written test.



Job Opportunity

The graduates from FEB UNS Diploma in Accounting program have work in various agencies, both in private and public sectors. Some of our graduates have work in Indonesian best companies such as Bank Mandiri and Bank Syariah Mandiri.



In order to support the career development, FEB institute an Internship and Career Development Center (ICD). ICD is responsible in managing Diploma and Undergraduate students internship program, job recruitment program, training and skill development, database, and career development. In developing students’ skills and career ICD conducts Pre Job Training for students. Students will be trained to write an application letter, CV, and simulation of job interview. Besides that, students will also participate in Achievement Motivation Training (AMT) which is aimed to shape students’ character and improve students’ soft skills. Business Motivation Training (BMT) is another activity that our students may participate in. The training is aimed to shape students’ entrepreneurial spirit.

FEB UNS has build an Alumni Lounge. The lounge can be used as a meeting place between alumni and faculty member or between alumnus and other alumnus.