Hasan Fauzi, Prof, Ph.D., CA., CSRS

The Department of Accounting


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1st Building Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Sebelas Maret,
Jalan Ir. Sutami 36 A, Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia
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Ph.D. Universiti Utara Malaysia, UUM Sintok, Kedah, Social and Environmental Accounting
M.B.A. Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio, Business/Accounting
DRS University of Gadjah Mada, Indonesia, Accounting
Profession (Certifications) 
Chartered Accountant (CA)
Certified Corporate Sustainability Reporting Specialist (CSRS)
Research Interest and Group

Research Interest: 

  1. Management Accounting/Management control system
  2. Corporate Governance
  3. Public Sector
  4. CSR
  5. Organization Performance

Research Group:

  1. Management Accounting
  2. CSR/Sustainability, Organizational Governance, and Accountability
  1. Advanced Management Accounting
  2. Management Accounting 11
  3. Strategic Management Accounting
  4. Assurance of Learning
  5. Student Assign-Supervised Research (GRAD)
  1. Editor-in-Chief of Issues in Social and Environmental Accounting-Issues in SEA (2007 – Now)-under Ebsco Group 
  2. Associte Editor, Social Responsibility Journal (2016-Now), under Emerald group
  3. Member of Board of International Journal of Accounting and Finance-IJAF (2007 – now)-under Inderscience group
  4. Reviewer Board of Global Academy of Business and Economics Research (Gaber)-2007-2009-USA-Based
  5. Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Financial, Reporting, and Accounting (JOFRA)-under Emerald group
  6. Journal of Indonesian Accounting Research (member of editorial board)
  7. Indonesian Accountant Association Symposium-International Section (Member of Reviewer Board)
  8. Journal of Social science and Humanity under Pertanika Journals.
  9. International Conference on Governance and Accountability (Scientific Committee and Doctoral Colloquium Panel-http://www.icga2012.com)
  10. International Conference on Governance Fraud Ethics and CSR (Scientific Committee-http://www.icongfesr2011.gominisite.com/SCIENTIFIC-COMMITTEE)
  11. International Conference on "Global Governance (http://www.ciems.ma/conference/ogc2012/Committee/ScientificCommittee.html)
  12. Member of Review Board of Indonesia Sustainability Reporting Award 2012, National Center for Sustainability Reporting (http://isra.ncsr-id.org/)
  13. Member of Review Board, of Emerald Emerging Market Case Study (http://www.emeraldinsight.com/products/case_studies/index.htm)
  14. Member of Editorial Advisory Board, Social Responsibility Journal (SRJ)-under Emerald Group (2012-2016)
  1. 1987 To Present: Faculty member at Economics Faculty of Sebelas Maret University
  2. 1986 and 1988: Accounting Firm (Hadori & Co) as Auditor
  3. 1994 to 1996: Accounting Firm (Yoga & co) as Auditor and System Designer
  4. 1991 - 1994: Freelance Management and Accounting Consultant at some companies in Surakarta Area
  5. 1994 - 1995: Manager of Venture Capital dan Business Development at Regional Development Economics Business Incubator Center (REDBIC)
  6. 1995 – 1997: Secreray of Accounting Department at Sebelas Maret University
  7. 1997 – 1999: Director (founder) of Centre for Accounting Development-Sebelas maret University
  8. 2003- Now: Director, Jakarta-Based Consulting Company.
  9. 2006 – 2007: Director Magister of Accountancy Program, University of Sebelas Maret, Indonesia
  10. 2006 – Now: Director, Indonesian Center for Social and Environmental Accounting Research and Development (ICSEARD)
  11. Associate Chairman, Taskforce on THES, Sebelas Maret University (2008-2009)
  12. Head, International Partnership, International Office, Sebelas Maret University (2009-2011)
  13. Head, Taskforce on International Journal. Sebelas Maret Univedrsity (2010)
  14. Member of FEB Senate
Postgraduate Supervision
Three doctoral students:
  1. Arie Kantus-FEB Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS)
  2. Nadhirah Amri-FEB Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS)
  3. Yong Dirgiatmo-School of Accountancy UUM
Working Paper
  1. CSR Practices in Indonesia," targeted for International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences.
  2. Analysis of Levers of Control in Indonesian Companies," targeted for Management International Review.
  3. The Effect of social performance in the relationship of Contextual Variables and Corporate Performance," targeted For Organization Studies.
  4. The Effect of Contextual Variables in the Relationship of Management Control System and Performance," targeted For Management Decision.
  5. The Current Practice of Climate Change issue Disclosure in Indonesian State Owned Companies," targeted For Social Responsibility Journal.
  6. The Applicability of i-CSR framework in Islamic Banks," targeted for Social Responsibility Journal.

Journal Publication

  1. "Corporate Ownership and Company Performance: A Study of Malaysian Listed Companies" (with Sami M. Mursalin), Social Responsibility Journal, 11, 2015, 2. 
  2. "The Applicability of I-CGA Framework in Islamic Banks", Social Responsibility Journal, 10, 2014, 500-515.
  3. "The Current Practice of Climate Change Issue Disclosure in Indonesian State Owned Companies", Manajerial Auditing Journal, 29, 2014, 780-800.
  4. "Corporate Ibadah: an Islamic Perspective of Corporate Social Responsibility" (with Mustaffa Mohamed Zain, Faizah Darus, Haslinda Yusoff, Azlan Amran, Yadi Purwanto, and
    Dayang Milianna Abang Naim),  Middle East Journal of Scientific Research, 22, 2014, 2.
  5. "The Indonesian Executives Perspective of CSR Practices", Issue in Social and Environmental Accounting, 8, 2014, 171-181. 
  6. "Social Responsibility Reporting of Islamic Banks: Evidence from Indonesia" (with Faizah Darus, Yadi Purwanto, Haslinda
    Yusoff, Azlan Amran, Mustaffa Mohamed Zain, Dayang Milianna Abang Naim, and Mehran Nejati), International Journal of   Business Governance and Ethics, 9, 2014, 2.
  7. "Islamic Corporate Social Responsibilities (i-CSR) Framework for Islamic Banks: Application of Maqasid al-Syariah and Maslahah Principles" (with Faizah Darus, Halinda Yousuff, Azlan Amran, Yadi Purwanto, and Mustaffa Mohamed Zain), Issues in Social and Environmental Accounting, 2013.
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  12. "The Relationship of Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance : New Evidence from Indonesia
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  13. "The Fit Structure, Strategy, Control System, and Social Performance of Performance" (with Kamil M. Idris),
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  14. "Corporate Social and Financial Performance: Empirical Evidence from American Companies", Globsyn
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Book (in process)

CSR Development in Developing Country, with Mustaffa M. Zain, Kamil M Idris, and Lois Mahoney.

Book Chapters
Corporate Social Performance in State Owned Companies: Indonesian Case. Handbook of Business Practices and
Growth in Emerging Markets (2009). Canada/Singapore: World Science.