Research with Impact Factor

Our academic staff have been actively engaged in the world wide academic debate by publishing in the world class reputable journals such as Journal Financial Stability, Research in International Business and Finance, Asia‐Pacific Economic Literature, Asian Review Accounting, Economics Bulletin, Social Responsibility Journal, Australasian Accounting Business and Finance Journal, and International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics.

Our researchers have obtained research funding from various reputable funding organizations such as USAID, AUSAID, PHC ‐ France, and Research and Higher Education Ministry.

Our research already answered some interesting issues, such as:

  1. Does the connection to politics matters for banks in Indonesia? Political connected banks are able to attract deposits easier compared to their non‐connected counterpart.

  2. Why does the net interest margin of bank is very high in Indonesia? It is because of the existing structure of loan portfolios.

  3. What is the determinant of financial deepening in Indonesia? The main factor is the quality of the local governance.

  4. Does highly involvement of the family has a good or bad effect on the decision making process in a firm? Family control is negatively related to a firm's performance.

  5. Do foreign banks in Indonesia have better or worse performance compared to local ones? Foreign banks operate in lower cost and more efficient therefore it is important in creating contestable market.