Students Group

MEPA activity in Jomblang Cave

Specific Program Organization

There are many student’s club in FEB UNS. For undergraduate and diploma program students they can join: Himpunan Mahasiswa Program Studi (for diploma program students) and Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan (for undergraduate program students).

Student group of undergraduate in accounting

Contact:; Line (@ptb9062w); Instagram (@hmjafebuns); Twitter (@hmja_febuns)

Student group of undergraduate in management

Contact:;  Twitter (@hmjmuns); Facebook (hmjm feb uns)

Student group of undergraduate in Economics


Student group of Diploma Business Management

Contact:; Instagram (@hmpsmb.uns)

Student group of Diploma Marketing Management


Student group of Diploma in Accounting

Contact:; Instagram (@hmpsakun_uns); Twitter (@HmpsAk_UNS)

Student group of Banking Finance

Contact:; Facebook (Hmps Keuangan Perbankan Uns); Twitter (@hmpskp_2015); Instagram (hmpskp_febuns)

Faculty Level

Students can also join other club in faculty level, depends on their interest. The clubs are, among other:


Contact:; Twitter (@BEMFEBUNS)


Mahasiswa Ekonomi Pecinta Alam (MEPA-UNS)


Contact: Twitter (@TeaterGadhang)

UKM Basket

Contact:; Line (blue eagles)

KMK (Kelompok Mahasiswa Katholik)

Contact:; Instagram (

PMK (Persekutuan Mahasiswa Kristen)

Kajian Ekonomi Islam FEB UNS (KEI FEB UNS)

Contact:; Instagram (kei_uns); Facebook (kei feb uns); Twitter (@KEI_UNS)

Badan Pers Mahasiswa FEB UNS (BAPEMA FEB UNS)

Badan Pengkajian dan Pengamalan Islam (BPPI FEB UNS)

Contact: Instagram (@bppifeb); Twitter (@bppifebuns); Facebook (Bppi Feb Uns); Line (@yup7855c)

UKM Sepak Bola

Contact:; Twitter (@bolafebuns); Instagram (bolafebuns); Line (@mpt7669q)

Kelompok Studi Bengawan

Contact:; Instagram (@ksbfebuns); Official line (@ght4866r)

Teater Gadhang Performance: Srikandi Edan

University Level

At university level there are more club for students, such as:

  1. BEM UNS
  2. Dewan Mahasiswa UNS
  3. SAR UNS
  4. Korps Mahasiswa Siaga
  5. Pramuka
  6. Garba Wira Bhuana
  7. PMI
  8. Lembaga Pers Mahasiswa
  9. Koperasi mahasiswa

Cultural and Art Groups

  1. Student Choir of “Voca Erudita”
  2. Marching Band
  3. Badan Koordinasi Kesenian Tradisional UNS

Sport Groups

  1. Perisai Diri
  2. Setia Hati
  3. Tapak Suci
  4. Tae Kwondo
  5. Karate
  6. Shorinji Kempo
  7. Bola basket
  8. Bulu tangkis
  9. Bola Volly
  10. Merpati Putih

Religious Based Groups

  1. Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa Islam
  2. Persekutuan Mahasiswa Kristen
  3. KM Hindu
  4. KM Budha
  5. KM katholik

Student Choir Voca Erudita Performance